Why Women On The Go Don’t Sleep

Being a young business owner, I don’t get much sleep. Blame the never ending to-do list, the joys of managing budgets and the endless drive to generate new leads. When you start a business you don’t realise how lonely that journey can be. Naysayers will tell you why it’s a bad idea. I’ve heard it all before; from being told I’m too young, to being too ambitious for my own good.

So I jumped at the opportunity to attend the Women on the Go Business Forum at Knox City Council. Run in conjunction with Maroondah City Council and Yarra Ranges Shire Council, the forum showcased three outstanding local women who have achieved business success.

Fiona Visser, discussed the highs and lows of purchasing an established online retail business. Through sheer determination she and her sister turned around Darlings Downunder, a cloth nappy retailer, into a successful enterprise. But she warns that it didn’t happen overnight, “We made so many mistakes along the way but we always learnt from them”, said Fiona. “Seek support early on”, she added.

Kylie Short saw an opportunity and went for it. A bookkeeper by trade, she was one of the first to find a niche in the area of virtual assistance. A true hard worker, Kylie has seen her business, Tilda Virtual expand, contract and then expand again. Now satisfied with her current workload, Kylie has achieved the perfect balance of family and career.

How you may ask?

“I came to the realisation one day that my kids are my shareholders. If they aren’t happy then I’m not either”, said Kylie.

Eve John from Bent Over Silicone Nozzles is a true entrepreneur. When her husband was seriously injured in a work-related accident, he conceived an Australian made invention that has become an international hit among trades people. A new member to the WOMAN.com.au Ambassador team, Eve shows that through hard work and determination anything is possible.

Although all women had very different experiences, the consistent message was to be persistent.

Don’t let negative people say you can’t do it. Because anything is possible!

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