Event Review: Say Yes To Love

On a glorious Saturday afternoon in Sydney, spring was in the air and I had the pleasure of attending the “Say Yes to Love” workshop. The scene was set at an idyllic venue at the Q Station on Sydney’s beautiful northern beaches and our host for the afternoon was the gorgeous Cimone-Louise.

Cimone-Louise radiated love and passion for helping busy professional women become the best they can be and find their ideal partner. She has an impressive track record with a life-long fascination with intuition and life strategies for success and she certainly walks her walk and talks her talk. Cimone-Louise has worked for Cleo magazine as a regular columnist, been featured in the Sunday and Daily Telegraph, The South China Morning Post and numerous other publications overseas and in Australia.

Recently single this year I came with an open mind, I am known to snub such events, dating sites and even worse, speed dating. I personally couldn’t think of anything worse, plus I am far too busy for love: I run a number of projects whilst building my own consultancy and working part-time in the corporate world.

So forgetting my old preconceptions about the world of dating and love, I took both feet and jumped straight in.

What I am about to tell you may shock you as this wasn’t a cheesy singles event, this was an afternoon of self-discovery and pure indulgence for the mind, body and spirit. I met an amazing bunch of ladies who also had extremely busy lives but knew something was missing. They too were seeking ways to bring balance to their busy lives and find their Mr Right.

The afternoon flowed with laughter and take-aways that could be implemented outside of the workshop. Cimone-Louise shared her wisdom and gave us practical tools to keep us all accountable to the life goals we set on the day. “Finding Love doesn’t have to be hard”, concluded Cimone-Louise.

Cimone-Louise expressed with passion and knowledge “Everyone is searching to become bigger than they are, and the whole part of being is the now”. The energy was full of abundance, giving and receiving, I truly felt connected to the energy of every single person in the room.

Not forgetting the extravagance of the gift bags, we all left feeling a million dollars by the time the afternoon was wrapped up. Cimone-Louise has promised to catch up with us all in three weeks time to help fulfil her passion and making sure we all stay true to our targets and be the best we can all be in the NOW.

I have already started using the advice imparted by Cimone-Louise and have seen a positive shift in my intentions.

Who knows, Mr Right may be just around the corner!

Wanna say yes to love? Check out Cimone-Louise.

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