Getting Spanked!

OK, I must provide a disclaimer straight away: this is not an inappropriate or saucy article. It is safe to keep reading.  SPANK is the newly released parody to the hit novel, Fifty Shades of Grey that is now playing at the Twelfth Night Theatre in Brisbane.

It is hilarious.  I went along to a preview showing with a couple of girlfriends – one who had read the book and one who hadn’t and both loved it. It was sassy, fun, a bit naughty but all performed with tongue-in-cheek sarcasm that you can’t help but find endearing and just plain hilarious.

The show itself follows the key parts of the novel but in a way that is unexpected and of course full of innuendo. The three actors do an amazing job at portraying the characters but have their own unique take on them, making them more realistic.   The show has a great mix of crowd interaction (beware sitting near the front), taglines from hit shows, scenes from movies and new phrases like ‘lady stones, which refers to a woman with balls (if you hadn’t guessed). And the lead actor is a whole lot of eye-candy which makes it a great reason alone to see the show.

The theatre is small but is full of unique character and old world charm which I loved.  Don’t worry, you wont see any naked bodies or people handcuffed on stage but you will get plenty of laughs and have a great night. The most fun I’ve had all year.

Give yourself a treat and get Spanked now!

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