Event Review: The Powerful Personal Brand

Who are you and what do you stand for? I mean really stand for? When you think about the answer it may surprise and shock you.


I know I had a similar experience when I participated in the Powerful Personal Brand program by the fabulous Susan Young. Susan Young is a Professional Image Stylist and an amazing chick who represents everything that I want in life: “freedom, passion and  tenacity”. Brutally honest, yet down to earth, there is something about Susan that inspires you.

When I found out there were things I needed to complete prior to the workshop, I must admit I actually groaned a little. I didn’t want to do homework, I just wanted easy answers! That was until I started completing the exercises and I fell in love with the course content. Despite being a marketer and owner of a full-service marketing agency I must admit that sometimes I leave my own personal brand behind in a bid to complete tasks for clients. After all, clients are the ones who pay the bills!

During the course and the workshop I discovered things about myself that I had buried deep inside, too afraid to let out for fear of rejection or being laughed at. I gained a sense of confidence and self belief that I didn’t know existed.

During the full-day course I experienced a range of emotions from fear through to happiness and joy. The best thing about the course? Being able to experience it with a bunch of talented individuals. Although we didn’t know each other, we all had one thing in common – the desire to want to better ourselves both professionally and personally. We came into the course not knowing one another, but left knowing that we are on the right path. I can’t thank Susan enough for allowing me to share this special experience with such talented individuals.

Since I completed the course, I’ve been a very good graduate, I’ve rebranded my company, changed the way I promote myself and made the time to be proud of my achievements. It hasn’t all been easy, but it’s definitely been fun. I’ve grown as an individual and learnt so much about myself.

The best bit? I’m happy with who I am and accept that I am who I am.  I recommend anyone who is interested in learning more about themselves participate in the course – it’s definitely an eye opener.

For further information about the workshop visit www.susanyoung.com.au.



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