Interview With GO Festival Creator Susan Dibbs

Interview With GO Festival Creator Susan Dibbs

Interview With GO Festival Creator Susan Dibbs

I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Susan Dibbs, the organiser of GO Festival, an event that celebrates women and provides an opportunity for a girls’ fun day out. Susan has a long history of involvement within the world of event management that teamed with being a committed and loving parent. She shares her journey as she follows her passion while juggling the responsibility of single parenthood.  Susan also shares why she founded the GO Festival, “as women we work so hard and deserve a great affordable day out to honour ourselves and all that we contribute within our family unit and the community.”

What word best describes you?

Tenacious – if I want to do something I do it, and nothing stands in my way.

If you had to name one person that has truly inspired you to become the woman you are today, who would you name?

My mum, she is amazing and probably whom I got my tenacity from. She is a very strong woman and even when faced with adversity she finds a way. I look back on all the things she has done in her life, such as pack up her family and move to an unknown country, and I wonder if I would be brave enough to do that.

In everyday life what is your biggest challenge at the moment?

Being a single mum working and looking after my child. It was extremely difficult over the summer holidays to put the event together and spend time with my child. Unfortunately with events there is a deadline and this has to be met there is no putting it off to tomorrow. Which caused a little guilt, however I had to move forwards and work though my feelings as I want to build a better future for myself and my son and be a good role model for him.

Why did you create the GO Festival and has it been a rewarding experience?

I organized GO Festival to reward and thank women who work so hard for their families and community.

Many women juggle families, work, other commitments and quite often they put themselves after all of these commitments. My focus was to thank these women by giving them an event devoted entirely for them. I wanted it to be affordable, fun and enlightening.

GO Festival was my first event back after an 8 year break and it was my biggest event ever with around 100 exhibitors and 4 stages full of activities on both days, so conquering any doubts about my ability to put together such a big event was very rewarding.

Are you planning on hosting a second GO Festival for next year and what would you like to include that wasn’t visible at this years event?

Yes there will definitely be another GO Festival! I am currently looking for a venue and dates – it might even be later this year!

As women we are masters of the juggling act, how do you best manage multi tasking on a day to day basis?

I find what works for me is to attend to anything that comes through straight away. I know others say to have dedicated times to read emails etc but I find if I’m on top of my emails and respond to them as they come through I don’t feel overwhelmed by having to catch up.

I love to challenge myself and see how many things I can do at once. My favourite is washing clothes what an easy way to multi task! I’ve also become a big fan of soaking my dishes! So if I’m doing the washing, soaking my dishes, reading an email I am automatically doing 3 things – I know its cheating a little.

I make sure I take a break on school pick up time to spend some time with my son and cook dinner etc and then it’s back to work for an hour or two.

As a successful entrepreneur what is the best advice you would give to other aspiring women?

Do the research make sure the idea is viable and then believe in yourself and your abilities. Break big projects into little ones so the project itself is not so daunting. Finding likeminded people and a mentor is a huge bonus as they will stand by you when your confidence falters.

Thought of the day?

Just do it. Over thinking kills so many great ideas!

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