Event Review: The Secrets to Style Success Workshop

I have a confession to make. Throughout my teens and into adulthood I have suffered from many a beauty and fashion faux pas. It all started with those ‘I heart USA’ tops and the all-denim look in the 1990s. I then progressed to excessive use of bronzers in the early 2000s. Now I suffer from wearing colours that often don’t match well.

I’ve never felt like that stylish girl who looks well put together yet effortless at the same time. When I had the opportunity to attend the Secrets to Style Success Workshop earlier this month, I jumped at the chance.

April Nicoll of Lifestyle Confidence ran the workshop at Melbourne Massage and Beauty in the heart of Ringwood which is owned by Jenny O’Sullivan. I have been a customer of Melbourne Massage and Beauty for six months and was thrilled to see a beauty salon try something different. They understand that customers want more than just special offers and it was great to see so many customers attend the evening.

Run as a two hour session, it was clear from the first minute of the workshop that both Jenny and April are passionate about what they do. Treated like superstars, we even received goodie bags full of sensational beauty and well-being vouchers and gifts from our hosts!

The biggest thing I gained from the workshop was to broaden my fashion choices after developing a personal style board. Reading through magazines, we found items of clothing and accessories that we liked. It was eye opening to see how I subconsciously liked the same thing over and over again. The workshop taught me that trying something different doesn’t have to be scary and I can’t wait for my next shopping trip to test this out.

When asked why Jenny of Melbourne Massage and Beauty Therapy wanted to run the workshop at her salon it was clear that she wanted her customers to feel good from the inside and out.

“I wouldn’t be in the business I am if I didn’t want my customers to be happy. We all know that life is busy at times, so it was great to get my customers attending an event which made them feel so good about themselves,” added Jenny.

April started Lifestyle Confidence because she wanted people to stop focusing on what they don’t like about themselves and instead see all the beautiful physical attributes that they do have.

“What many people don’t realise is that dressing to hide a perceived problem area actually draws more attention to it. The key to feeling and looking incredible is to identify your attributes and dress with those in mind,” expressed April.

Since the workshop, I have implemented some of April’s suggestions – no more mismatched colours! I’ve even booked in for a revitalise package which includes a style consultation, wardrobe review and extended shopping experience. I can’t wait to see the new me develop!

Fore more information visit, visit Lifestyle Confidence and Melbourne Massage and Beauty.

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