Julia Taine: Vent2Me

Julia Taine is founder of Vent2me, a Melbourne-based full-service marketing agency.

Female entrepreneur reveals four lessons depression has taught her about life and business.

“I wish you success with your business. Remember there are people out there who want you to succeed so harness that energy and believe in yourself.”

There are generally 5 types of bosses – the bully, the micro-manager, the laissez-faire, the delegator and the ideal boss. I’ve dealt with each and learnt how to manage a bad boss.

I have an embarrassing story to share. I was so excited about the upcoming Women in Business luncheon, that I actually arrived a day early for it! So when the actual day arrived I was pretty excited to attend. The Melbourne Women in Business Luncheon, is an annual event run by the City of Melbourne. The
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Secrets to Style Success workshop was run by April Nicoll of Lifestyle Confidence at the Melbourne Massage and Beauty.

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