Workspace Tour: Shabby Chic Home Office Vibe


Resident: Haneen Matt and family

Location: Detroit, USA

Workspace: Home office

Instagram: @haneens_haven

Haneen Matt has an eye for good design. With an art degree majoring in photography, she has poured her creative energy into beautifying her home. Mum to four munchkins, her home is a canvass for her creative interior design projects, many of which she shares with her avid followers on Instagram.
Interior design has become a new form of art for Haneen over the years. Quoting Oprah, she says, “Your home should rise up to meet you. I believe when you walk in the door, you should love what you see and really feel comfortable and content with your surroundings.”

What’s the theme or inspiration behind your workspace?

I don’t have a specific theme for the space, but I definitely wanted a fun, yet chic vibe. I love color, and aimed for something dark and sophisticated. Ralph Lauren’s Club Navy fit the bill. It’s the perfect backdrop to pops of color through out the room.

Your favourite design element?

My favorite design element would have to be the cabinet I painted. I bought it solid white, but I’d always wanted to try “gold dipping” and thought this was the perfect piece to try it on. After painting the top green, I simply taped off the upper portion and spray painted the bottom gold. Then I replaced the hardware  with gold arrows. I absolutely love the gold touches throughout the room.

Your home office is always picture perfect. What’s the secret to keeping it organised and clutter-free?

Our office was previously used mainly as a toy room. We moved the majority of the toys to the basement, but the cabinet has been great for keeping our kids’ main toys in storage bins tucked inside. Very easy to keep clean. I also don’t like visible cords. I bought a basket to keep the cord to our laptop in, and that sits on one of the shelves of the desk. Easily accessible, but hidden away when it’s not needed.

Your tips creating a highly productive and inspiring home office.

I think the biggest key in creating an inspiring space, is to fill it with things you love and not to worry about any specific design “rules.”
 workspace tour Haneen Matt's home office

workspace tour Haneen Matt's home office

workspace tour Haneen Matt's home office

workspace tour Haneen Matt home office

 workspace tour Haneen Matt's home office
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