How To Inspire Young Talent

How To Inspire Young Talent

How To Inspire Young Talent

It is my goal in business to be surrounded by people who love their job and who will go that extra mile to make clients happy. I have been slowly building a team of talented young staff who are welcomed as team members and encouraged to do their best for our clients who are mostly families struggling to manage learning difficulties or childhood diagnosis.

So, how do you inspire talented people to perform at their peak and provide service to the clients which compels them to recommend our services?

Set value

Having a set of values which provide a framework to base all decisions and action from has helped my team to work more independently. Our values are Partnership | Innovation | Inspiration | Education | Results. Each Team Member is asked to describe their understanding of these values at orientation and at each review session to ensure they stay front of mind and to help develop a shared understanding of these values.

Build culture

We spend a lot of time with the people we work with and that’s why having a positive culture is so important to keep productivity high. When people are happy they are helpful and able to focus on the task at hand with a clearer focus and purpose. Our culture is 50% leadership, 40% friend and 10% management. I think it works well to encourage the Team to share their frustrations and ultimately make changes for the best

Lead through action

It’s all well and good to say you want something done right and to ask people to llow the guidelines… but there is no substitute for leading by example and making your actions speak for themselves. I’m all about inspiring my Team, so if I’m following the rules they know that there is a good reason to follow the rules too.

Review by collaboration

Personally, I’d rather sit down and work on solutions to the aspects of my job that are challenging rather then hear a list of issues from my boss! I’m pretty sure that most people already recognise where their weaknesses lie or what they need to work harder on. Reviewing by collaboration is a principle whereby the team member is encouraged to spend 30-60 minutes reflecting, using a “Personal Review Template” before they attend a “Solutions” session with their supervisor.

Despite being new university graduates, my team of four occupational therapists have successfully helped to build my business from 30 clients to 100  in just 9 months. It’s been a great journey and I’m still perfecting the art of inspiring talented people to perform.


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