SHE Business: Well-heeled Wonder Women

It’s not often that you can walk into a room of well-heeled business women and feel comfortable enough to make animal noises (loosely disguised as ‘vocal warm-ups’) and partake in yoga-inspired stretches (including an exercise to ‘relax the anus’). But, at the SHE Business Release Your Inner Oprah seminar, that’s exactly what I did.

Promising to perfect the way I communicate with clients and colleagues, the Release Your Inner Oprah seminar combined writing, voice coaching and presentation skills. Hearing from some of the wittiest, most passionate and experienced professionals in the business, including Carren Smith, Isobel Kirk and Sharon Lynne, any preconception of a stiff afternoon of keynote speakers was soon thrown out the window.

Instead, I enjoyed half-day of practical activities, hilarious case-studies and brilliant networking with the SHE Business members. I now know the best place to position myself when there’s a camera around (a few metres from the lens and facing at a slight angle), how to enunciate words to maximise their impact (accentuate the consonants) and how to structure a powerful speech (implement the AIDA technique – Attention grabbing, generate Interest, create Desire for your product and highlight the call to Action).

As a business woman, this network is invaluable, providing mentoring and access to practical advice and templates, but aside from this, SHE Business offers a forum to share ideas and thoughts to a group of encouraging and non-judgemental peers – and there’s not a cufflink or moustache in sight!

SHE Business offers a business membership designed for women who are committed to building high growth businesses. They create a space for women to gather and discuss the challenges and joys of business in an honest and straightforward way.  Along the way they develop fabulous business opportunities, joint ventures, referrals, mentors and friendships.

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