Ambassador Profile: KerryAnn Bartle

KerryAnn was the very first Ambassador appointed when launched in January. She’s one well-connected, creative and clever fox with Hundreds&Thousands of things on her plate.

First off the block, Kerry-Ann devoured conquered the Melbourne professional event and networking scene armed with killer heels, a smart phone and lots of sass. She showcased amazing entrepreneurial ladies at GO Festival, got down to business at a gender debate, glammed it up at the Spanish Summer Garden Party with the European Women in Business and shared inspiring moments with Business Chicks and Women in Focus. Click here for more of her work as ambassador.

One thing is for sure, it’s a hard life being an Ambassador!

Why did you want to be part of

When the fabulous opportunity was brought into view about becoming an Ambassador for, I was so thrilled. Being able to attend high profile events and interview amazing women then share my experience with our readers – what could be better than that? I must say when they approached me, I jumped at the chance to become a member of such a wonderful online community and have embraced the journey wholeheartedly

Tell us about your journey so far – how did you get to where you are today?

My journey to date has been fantastic. After the very first event I attended which was the Women In Focus Business Breakfast, I put my dancing shoes on and got into the full swing of it. From this moment I haven’t looked back. I endeavour to keep our readers entertained and informed about some of the amazing things happening around Melbourne, and give them an insight into some of the wonderful women I’ve been fortunate to meet and interview so far.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learnt?

The biggest lessons I have learnt is about putting yourself out there, embracing life in its entirety and staying true to yourself. Everything else then falls into place along the way.

What’s your big, hairy audacious goal?

To be totally outlandish, I would say, to build my new business Hundreds&Thousands into a global empire which embraces creativity and delivers beautiful, meaningful work on a world scale.

What drives you?

My biggest driving force is always be the very best that I can be and then working on improving that going forward.

What derails you?

Putting too much pressure on myself, I am always wanting Hundreds&Thousands of things right now, sometimes I need to relax and just enjoy the journey it can be the best part.

What are your top go-to places for information and inspiration?

I will admit I am a creative junkie so I am privy to following Mumbrella, AdNews, B&T and other creative resources, always on the look out for colourful input.

What are some of the most memorable Melbourne events you’ve attended in your role as ambassador?

Have loved them all so far, but my most favourite have been the GO Festival which saw me skipping around the Melbourne Royal Exhibition Centre on a ridiculous hot day meeting some of the most fabulous ladies, the Business Chicks Breakfast with Alisa Camplin who had us off our seats skiing our way through the steep slopes of being a successful woman in today’s world. And the many wonderful SheSays events which is a mentoring initiative for women in the media, creative and advertising industries.

Any tips to effective networking at events?

Be yourself and know what you are about, put yourself out there and most importantly don’t be afraid to say ‘hi.” Refrain from the big sales pitch. It is not about handing out as many cards as you can. It’s about making true connections with people. Listen to what they have to say about themselves and always follow up after the event with a friendly “it was so nice to meet you”.

Who would you like to see profiled on

Samantha Wills who is a jewellery designer, her journey into establishing her successful business is awe inspiring to say the least and I totally love her work.

You lead an extremely busy life, what’s the secret to juggling it all?

Busy in the Hundreds&Thousands is an understatement, there’s always so much to achieve.  The secret hmm… not sure if I have it down pat but the way I try and keep everything balanced is to set priorities and stay proactive. I do drop the ball occasionally – I am only human, but when this happens, I put a game plan in action to get things running smoothly again. It really is all about committing to what you want to achieve and to keep on striving to succeed.

Where can we find you in Melbourne?

Most of the time I am mobile so I can be found anywhere between Melbourne’s CBD to somewhere down the beautiful Mornington Peninsula.

How can others connect with you?

Well I am a Social Media enthusiast and can be found chatting away about all things colourful and creative in the Hundreds&Thousands.



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