The Confidence Gap, Women Of Power and Cool Tea

This week we see young girls get inspired by powerful women, we find out why tea is a cracking business and we ask why women think less of themselves when they shouldn’t.


The Confidence Gap


Confidence Gap
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On a scale of 1 to 10, how confident do you feel about your skills and ability to complete your job?  If you’re a woman, you’re likely to rank your abilities lower thank your male counterparts.  How do I know this?  Well, unfortunately the facts speak for themselves.  According to Katty Kay and Claire Shipman’s extensive research on gendered confidence traits, men are far more self-assured than women and are constantly reaping the rewards of false confidence.  Why? Socialising patterns of young girls and boys are in part to blame, as are workplace relations and gendered expectations of behaviour and aspirations.  What the research makes very clear is that women’s lack of confidence is playing a large role in holding them back in their daily lives. Read up on why women think less of themselves (when they shouldn’t!), and how you can turn the tides in your favour by improving your self-confidence.


Jules Quinn makes tea drinking cool

Jules QuinnWould you expect an organically-funded venture with just one employee to be capable of turning over a £250,000 profit in one year alone?  If you said yes, you must be as business-minded and as determined as Jules Quinn, the founder of The *Teashed.  After a terrible work placement resulted in her spending most of her time buying staff tea and coffee, Quinn saw a hole in the tea market and recognised it for what it could be –  a massive moneymaker and creative outlet.  Targeting young people, Quinn’s tea brand has made tea drinking “cool again” by providing a wide variety of drinks with appealing packaging.  Check out more about the business and the inspiration behind it here.


Because of Them, We Can

ObamaWe all like to see strong women in the limelight, and we all enjoy watching our kids learn from those women, but how disappointing is it when we realise that younger generations are unaware of the hard work the women who came before them did to earn global respect? Photographer Eunique Jones Gibson decided to address this issue by bringing women of influence to a new generation. She has done so by photographing young girls dressed as women of power.  Entitled “Because of Them, We Can”, the photographs aim to bring history to life for young women and girls, building awareness of the women who have helped shape our world.  Check out some of the amazing photos here.



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