Businesswomen’s Hall of Fame, fashion against Photoshop and how to wish away wardrobe worries

Businesswomen’s Hall of Fame, fashion against Photoshop and how to wish away wardrobe worries

Businesswomen’s Hall of Fame, fashion against Photoshop and how to wish away wardrobe worries

It has been a big week for women in the wide world of business.  We’ve taken some of the highlights, including some great Ted Talks, a designer brand that refuses to use Photoshop, and a list of this year’s inductees to the Businesswomen’s Hall of Fame, and put them all together especially for you!

1. 2013 Inductees into the Businesswomen’s Hall of Fame

Janine AllisEver wonder what types of businesses women in Australia are successfully investing in and launching?  It can be tough to know what is out there and how to go about getting your own entrepreneurial ideas off the ground, but if you’re curious to know what types of start-ups are working for some women have a look at the Businesswomen’s Hall of Fame.  This year’s inductees include the creators of a wide range of brand including Lorna Jane Active wear, Boost Juice, Carman’s Fine Foods and Sass and Bide.  The list, created by the Australian Businesswomen’s Network,  includes over 75 tips from the business owners, as well as information on successful business strategies you can use when thinking about your own work.

2. Fashion against Photoshop

fashion-photoshop This week one of the UK’s most successful fashion brands, Debenhams, announced that they would no longer touch-up their fashion models.  In an attempt make their customers comfortable in their own skin, and put a halt to comparisons with unattainable body images, the fashion giant has condemned Photoshopped lingerie model shoots and encouraged other retailers to follow suit.  Read up on their new photo shoot guidelines here, and then check out your own favourite brands to see their Photoshop policy.

3.  Wish away your wardrobe worries

Stephanie RoperIf you packed your wardrobe into boxes, how many do you think you’d have?  If you were only give just one box to pack your essentials, how would you do it? Could you do it?  If you don’t think it would be possible, maybe you need a Wardrobe Angel.  Stephanie Roper came up with her Wardrobe Angel idea after moving to Dubai with 17 boxes of clothes, and returning with only one suitcase.  The liberated feeling she got from a simple, uncluttered wardrobe was so great that she decided to create her own small business to share her new skills and passion with others.  Read more about Roper’s story, how de-cluttering wardrobes became a business, and some of her great business tips here.

4.  Heather Ridout and Katie Lahey appointed as Officers of the Order of Australia

Katie LaheyThis month Heather Ridout, the President of the Australian Industry Group, and Katie Lahey, the first female chief executive of the Business Council of Australia, were appointed as Officers of the Order of Australia.  They were granted the honour after years of hard work in male dominated industries, leading to their eventual promotion to leading positions.  Both women have worked hard to smash through the glass ceiling, leaving space for other women to follow in their footsteps, while acting as ideal role models and mentors for girls and women entering male dominated careers.  Read more about these inspirational women here.

5. Five inspirational Ted Talks by trailblazing women

TEDtalk Wondering what all the fuss is over Ted Talks?  Been meaning to sit down and watch a few but not sure where to start?  Well, Pay Scale just took the work out of it!   They have put together a list of five inspirational Ted talks, delivered by five trailblazing women including Sheryl Sandberg, Amy Jo Martin and Arianna Huffington.  Sit back, relax and enjoy these inspiring talks right here!



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