Are You A Newcomer, Worker-Bee Or A Key Person of Influence?

Are You A Newcomer, Worker-Bee Or A Key Person of Influence?

Are You A Newcomer, Worker-Bee Or A Key Person of Influence?

In every industry there are New-Comers, Worker-Bees, and Key People of Influence (KPI’s). The newcomers are dreamers, the worker-bees are stressed out and the key people of influence make it look like child’s play.

The New-Comers are enthusiastic, excited and full of dreams. They believe that this new industry they are in will fulfill their dreams and take them places. New-Comers are normally willing to work hard with little pay in the short term on the belief that the rewards will come in later. Typically they have seen the results that a KPI has achieved and they want to recreate similar success for themselves.

The Worker-Bees are the people in the industry who are doing the work but not getting anywhere. Some of the dreams have been knocked out of them. When they were New-Comers they thought that their industry was fresh, new, exciting and rewarding. Now it seems a bit stale and they are secretly resentful of the KPI’s (for their effortless results) and the New-Comers (for their spark and enthusiasm). The Worker-Bees at some point may have enjoyed the work but are often disappointed that the results aren’t coming in fast enough.

The Key People of Influence’s make it look easy. They live on the “inner-circle” so they always have lots of opportunity flowing around them and they achieve great results quickly. Their email inbox is full of people trying to get good opportunities to them. With a few phone calls they can make magic happen and get some of the spoils. They also attract lots of New-Comers into their industry because they make success seem so easy.

The Merry-go-round of distraction:

Here’s what happens. Jaded Worker-Bees go buzzing about new industries and they spy a high profile KPI. They get excited and decide to become a New-Comer to that industry. They feel the rush and the excitement that comes with a brand new project. They see how effortless success comes to the KPI in that industry. They think to themselves “I like what I do, but I don’t get the rewards so if I can make easy money in this new field I can always go back to what I do and not worry about the money

Like most New-Comers they get stuck in and do lots of work with little rewards. They expect that this work will pay off this time “in the long run”.

After a while, the New-Comer gets a bit tired and it feels like hard work. They have now met a lot of Worker-Bees in this new industry who say things like “Its hard work in this industry, I’ve been at it for years and haven’t seen the big rewards yet”.

The New-Comer becomes a Worker-Bee and begins looking around for the next big thing that will provide an easy win.

All the while, they get further and further from pursuing their passion by constantly chasing the next easy win.

The answer to this conundrum is simple. You must focus on your passion and become a KPI in that field. As soon as you are a KPI you will not even notice opportunities in other industries because you will be swamped with great things to do in your own industry. And the rewards will come thick and fast.

There’s no easy money, there’s no quick wins for New-Comers or Worker-Bees – Not in property, not in shares, not on the internet, not in a franchise, not in a Network-Marketing business, not in a new technology – Easy wins go to Key People of Influence who are in the inner-circle. Period.

Resist the temptation to chase the new thing and keep taking steps closer to the inner circle of the industry you love. When you arrive as a KPI you will get your “overnight success”.

Daniel Priestley is a successful entrepreneur, event producer and author of ‘Become a Key Person of Influence’ –

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