How To Get The Best Price For Almost Anything

How To Get The Best Price For Almost Anything

How To Get The Best Price For Almost Anything

Editor’s Note: I have a girlfriend who always gets the best deal – holidays to exotic locations, Chanel bag, jewellery, fancy car, cosmetics.  Even groceries! I always wondered how she did it; I’d rather not pay full price. Our Ambassador Julia Makin, founder of vent2me, shares five secrets to bagging a good price for almost anything.

1. Sign up to the retailer’s Facebook and Twitter pages (if they have one)

One of the key ways retailers are notifying their fans about upcoming sales is through Facebook and Twitter. You will be surprised by how retailers have used social media to promote deals; examples include, Virgin Australia using it to promote upcoming flight specials:

2. Take note of upcoming public holidays, long weekends

Retailers coordinate sales around public holidays, long weekends and other occasions. A perfect example of this is the explosion of pre and post sales events, such as pre Easter sales – which then become an Easter sale and post Easter sale…

3. Shop on Thursdays

As retailers are open later on Thursdays and it’s generally a quieter day than Fridays, they often have sales commencing on a Wednesday or Thursday. If you want to grab a great bargain before they all sell out, Thursday is the best day to buy.

4. Shop near the end of trading for the day

You can usually receive an extra discount by shopping close to the end of trading; this is because the staff want to go home, so their guard is down! I managed to knock off $2500 from the purchase of a new car by using this strategy.

5. Shop near the end of the month

By the end of the month, retailers will know how they are tracking and whether their gross sales are above/on/or below target. This is why retailers often have ‘last minute’ sales at the end of the month.
Happy shopping!

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