GO Festival: Melbourne’s Largest Women’s Expo

GO Festival: Melbourne’s Largest Women’s Expo

GO Festival: Melbourne’s Largest Women’s Expo

You know an exhibition is going to be wonderful when you walk in and the smell is absolutely divine. You pick up the scent of relaxing essential oils mingled with women’s perfume, you’re handed a packet of chips, moisturiser and body lotion and you haven’t even made it through the door.

The Girls Only ‘GO Festival’ was held over two days, Saturday 12th and Sunday 13 October at the Melbourne Showgrounds, Ascot Vale and was a beautiful way to spend the day.

I arrived at 10.30 in the morning just in time to see the culinary efforts of the girls from Your Inspiration at Home whip up some fragrant Asian inspired, spiced dishes on the cooking stage. I was in a rush to get through to the main stage to learn how I could ‘Restore my harmonic order of the heart’ with Nadia of Neo Energy Healing. Within 15 minutes I knew how to check in with my body and my internal pendulum.

Team at Your Inspiration at Home

But don’t think that the GO Festival was only about cooking and spiritual awareness. The GO festival has been described as a celebration of women of all ages. It’s an opportunity to relax and explore what’s new while enjoying a day off.

With over 100 exhibitors, a cooking zone, a main stage with fashion parades, speakers, entertainment, and a health & wellness stage with styling workshops, fitness, fun and healing, there was something for everyone.

Frost Yourself

I must admit my favourite was the massage zone. It was here that I met my new favourite person, Edmore the massage therapist from Feeling Healthy. There must have been about 10 massage tables and they were booked solid. I was massaged, stretched and pressure pointed into bliss, that was until he told me that I shouldn’t be wearing heels considering I’m recovering from a broken foot. I hope he didn’t see me sneak off to try some of the glamorous, animal friendly, designer shoes at Shoe Envy!

Shoe Envy at GO Festival
Shoe Envy on the runway. www.shoeenvy.com.au

The bespoke designer jewelery was beautiful with a range of pricing and styles to suit everyone. I tried on many pieces but wasn’t sure what suited me. Luckily Julie Hyne, Stylist and Image Consultant was able to give me some tips on styling. As one of the exhibitors and onstage speakers, Julie said “What an amazing effort of sheer hard work and commitment to put on an amazing event for women in Melbourne this weekend. I am sure everyone has benefited from sharing information, learning about new and exciting products and services and meeting new people.”

Aside from so many amazing products available to touch, taste, play with and purchase, one of the big things for me was the wonderful women in business who were there. I chatted with Alex and Cathy from Perfect Skin Australia about their new skin innovation, met Jane the head designer from Wine Stoppers Australia, discussed the passion of inspiring others to realise their potential with Tegan, head Job Coach and Trainer at Breaking Down the Walls and bumped into Jane the founder of LaFemme Tours – she creates unique travel experiences for 40+ women.


These women, along with so many of the other exhibitors, have turned their passion into an income stream. They are living their dream job and are doing it by helping other women with an aspect of their lives through creative products and services. From creating fudge products at Spotted Dog Fudge to the female self-defence instructors from AIM Academy, these women are experienced, knowledgeable and passionate.

Spotted Dog Fudge

Paula who had traveled in from Cranbourne said, “This has been an tremendous day of pampering for me. I don’t get to go out on my own so I feel a bit spoilt. The kids all came home from the show (Royal Melbourne Show, same venue) this September with their showbags. My showbags are even better and I got to really treat myself at some of the stands. I can’t wait until the next one!”

Wine Stoppers Australia

Event creator Susan Dibbs commented “My favourite parts were seeing the mums and daughters together and hearing the spontaneous outbursts of laughter between groups of women enjoying themselves. Seeing the beautiful models, especially our child models, and of course meeting so many wonderful and beautiful women!”

A stand out for me were the women from Support for Mums, a charity organisation providing support for women and their families in times of crisis. These women are passionate about helping others in the community and this really tied in with GO Festival – an event designed by women for women to recognise what they do for family, friends and community.

To find out more about GO Festival, visit www.gofestival.com.au.

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