Top 5 Free Business Productivity Apps For Android

3. Boomerang

I’ve been a huge fan of Boomerang for a long time now so it’s great to finally see it in Android.

Boomerang is powerful email app that helps users manage their inbox. You can schedule emails to send at a specific time (not at 2am when you’re powering through your inbox to kill insomnia), boomerang emails so you can reply when you’re ready, track responses and basically keep your inbox in control so you’ll never miss that one important email that got buried in your exploding inbox. It is currently only available for Gmail and Google Apps but the developers are working on making it available for other email platforms soon.

Download Boomerang

Boomerang email app Boomerang email app is now available in Android














4. FindIt

I have multiple emails, each for a different use. One of them is about to explode with 51,394 unread emails. Don’t panic, I use it to sign up to online services and subscribe to all sorts of newsletters, so I don’t really need to read all of them. However, at least once a week, I have to look for something – a transaction receipt, a link to an ebook, response to support query I lodged, newsletters I’ve highlighted etc – all of which are buried somewhere in there.

FindIt app helps you find whatever you’re looking for on your mobile phone.

You can search multiple Gmail, Google Drive, and Dropbox accounts at the same time using names of people, time period, and file types. Voila!

Download FindIt

Download FindIt app for Android free


 5. Pearltrees

Pearltrees mobile app for Android is a content curation app that lets you organise web pages, files, photos and notes using a mindmap “tree” style around specific themes. If your topic or theme is “women in business”, you can organise photos, videos, news articles and files that relate to that theme making it super-easy to find information, get creative and brainstorm. You can retrieve anything you keep in Pearltrees from your mobile, table or desktop. Very cool app.

Download Pearltrees

Download Pearltree content curation app for Android free.


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