Every Woman Business Event: Energetic Women

What is it like working in the resources sector? For many women, thinking about a mining job conjures up images of hard hats, giant trucks and getting dirty, which can be discouraging when starting out or choosing a career. While that maybe a reality for some on-site jobs, there are many areas of expertise far
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With so much creative talent in Australia, it’s a wonder where all the start-ups, new bands or film projects get funding, especially with the current economic climate. Rather than go down the traditional investment-seeking path, many are turning to crowdfunding. Crowdfunding isn’t a new concept, however it’s enjoying a surge in popularity due to social
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“Perth is so backwards!”. “Perth is so far away”. “If you want to go anywhere in the fashion world you need to get out of Perth!”. I am forever hearing complaints about little Perth. I get quite defensive when someone decides to put a bad word on my beautiful city. People constantly put it down.
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