How Female Entrepreneurs Run The World

Anyone who has attended Run The World will know that this entrepreneurial conference doesn’t involve a blowing of individual trumpets.

Melbourne welcomes a women-only coworking space in a gorgeous Airbnb listed mansion.

Join us for a coworking day with female entrepreneurs at One Roof in Melbourne. Free entry for WOMAN subscribers.

World Wide Women: Top stories about women in business from around the globe.

Read up on the trends that the experts are predicting will continue in 2014, as well as the market changes that may affect your business.

While San Francisco is the place to be in the US for female entrepreneurs, Morocco is not far behind with 8 women named by Forbes in the top 25 most influential women in Africa. Business icon Warren Buffett sings praises for women in business and Therese Tucker makes better software in a male-dominated tech world.
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