Dear Mr President

Dear Bob Hawke,

I think Paul Keating is terrible, how dare he take your position in the parliament house! Thank you for being a great Prime Minister, I will miss you.

Adelle Pick, Age 6

Writing was always in my blood. The amount of free products I received from writing letters – to Hubba Bubba for getting a dodgy grape flavoured bubblegum; no spoon in my Whizz Fizz; McDonald’s to open up a restaurant in Merredin; to tell Ernie Dingo how much I loved him! The letters were endless and my family never discouraged me because of all the free things I received.

I came to a point at the age of 10 when I thought that I should start writing short stories and, with Paul Jennings and Roald Dahl being my favourite authors, this became my life long dream. As I wrote many weird and wonderful stories, I dreamed that I would have my own book published one day. Of course, reading these stories now is hilarious – the ideas I had were terrible and my writing style clearly not up to scratch.

I did give up on the idea for quite some time and, to be honest, I didn’t think the idea of writing would ever crop up again. That was until I discovered the world of blogging. A great place to write how I want to write, say what I want to say and give myself a style that nobody could change because this is “who I am”.

It’s quite hard to break into the writing world, let alone the fashion industry. But the beauty of a blog means that I can do just what I want and sometimes pick up a sponsored post from a business that I adore. The ideas are endless and the blog has opened up many opportunities for me. Even though every man and his dog now has a blog, I find the challenge to stand out something that I relish in.

Where the styled things are has helped in so many ways for me – to write what I want, when I want, without the pressure of working for a publisher and my writing being butchered by editors. Just in general having the ability to reach people that I never thought I could. Opportunities land in my lap that I never thought were possible, like for instance. And do you know what? I feel this is just the beginning!

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