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About Kate Middleton, Founder of Career Oracle

Market disruptor and lover of handbags, Kate Middleton is Founder & Managing Director of Career Oracle Pty Ltd, an online employment services company helping candidates all across Australia, Asia and UAE to land their dream job. In its first year of operation Career Oracle has risen from zero start up to have market reach across Australia, including capturing 40% of key online searches. Kate has been featured in various publications including The Sydney Morning Herald and news.com.au, and regularly contributes to online publications on topics related to women and business. With a passion for diversity and inclusion, Kate is on a mission to see more people go for and get the jobs they really want, not just the ones they think they can get!



Web: www.careeroracle.com.au

Email: [email protected]

Ph: 1300 889 703

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About Career Oracle

Career Oracle Pty Ltd are an online employment services company providing practical job application support to help candidates identify, apply for, land and keep the job of their dreams. This includes creating killer resumes, cover letters, selection criteria statements and LinkedIn profiles specifically catered towards targeted roles; as well as providing exclusive access to recruiter and corporate networks. Drawing from 12 years corporate expertise, Kate and her team have real life insight into what separates one candidate from another and have a proven job application formula that helps candidates land coveted interviews and win sought after roles.

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Q & A with Kate Middleton

What’s the story behind your business?

I have held various corporate roles within Investment and Insurance over the past 12 years, including reporting through to CEO and Board level teams. Whilst I felt pretty adept at navigating my own career (granted not without some hiccups and lessons along the way), I have always had a really deep seeded sense of justice, a burning need to help great diverse talent gain access to fair and equitable work opportunities that really leverage their potential. Working in Financial Services it became particularly evident that there was only so much I could do for others whilst within an organisation. I really enjoyed working within a diversity and inclusion role to help deliver the internal agenda for an insurer, but was really craving having a greater level of influence. I must admit, I was also growing pretty tired of hitting the same old road blocks when it came to negotiating pay in a very unequal sector. I had learnt a lot of job application techniques within the corporate environment and knew what was required to get talent noticed, so I launched my business as a passion project with a goal to help others land awesome jobs/ promotions and resolve my pesky pay gap issue at the same time. Within 6 months I had achieved so much scale that I had to leave my corporate job and employed my team. I now have market reach all across Australia and have serviced clients in Dubai, India, Pakistan, Singapore, Malaysia and the US.

What was your first job?

Letter box drops when I was 12. I always had a thirst to work and started taking on odd jobs quite young. They were not very glamorous. I remember washing greasy dishes at a Kebab shop when I was 14. The funny thing is I desperately wanted to be front of house but had a mouth full of metal braces. My boss thought I would scare away the customers, so dishes it was. I appreciate having worked in hospitality, then call centres and eventually working my way up the corporate ladder. It taught me the value of hard work and reflecting back on my very first job, the key lesson I learnt is that you cannot wait for other people to validate you. Forge ahead, even if others don’t initially see your true worth. You have to back yourself, keep striving and above all don’t expect opportunities to land in your lap, you have to go out and create them.

When you decided to start your own business, what was your big “why”?

Career Oracle really has been a gorgeous amalgamation of personal experience, business observations, market need and passion project. I have experienced first- hand how crucial cultural alignment within an organisation is to your long term success and business retention. I have also witnessed first-hand amazing, capable candidates downplay their ability and not boldly talk about their achievements; therefore missing out on roles. The big “Why” for me was that I wanted to provide a product and service that allowed people from diverse range of backgrounds to apply for great roles that really leverage their capabilities. I don’t want to just help people get the job they think they can get, I want to help everybody but particularly woman, recent immigrants and older talent, get the jobs they really want and deserve. I want to help place a tidal wave of diverse talent into the Australian market that will increase our countries innovation, GDP and thought leadership as a whole.

What have you had to give up?

Friends, guaranteed income, sleep. Being a start-up Entrepreneur is every bit as tough and exhilarating as people say. To be honest, I have truly gained more than I have had to give up. I love the flexibility, but most significantly I have gained a deep sense of self appreciation and satisfaction knowing I really can do anything I put my mind to. Helping people in the process is also extremely rewarding.

Your proudest achievement to date?

There have been a few. Achieving 1st page ranking in most states and capturing 40% online market share in less than a year based on various search terms was a huge milestone. Building my team and also servicing clients in Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia and India has been a real buzz. My favourite client moment was helping a lady originally from India to find a great job, she had been in Australia for 6 years, has 3 Masters Degrees and could not get any work. Within 1 week of using our service she had landed a full time role. On the personal front, everything I have achieved to date is through acquired and natural commercial instinct, so I am very excited to finally go to Uni. I commence my Executive MBA through QUT Business School this year.

What are some of the most exciting projects you’ve worked on?

Aside from my core business, it has been really amazing helping other would be entrepreneurs help get their businesses off the ground. Coming from a project management background, I have drawn on that experience to successfully help two other start-ups’ launch in the past 9 months. I also have another Property Management challenger brand going live for a business client in late Jan 2015.

What would you tell your younger self not to do?

Don’t listen to that critical voice in your head. It is full of it! You are far smarter, more intuitive, more capable and more worthy then you will ever believe. Stop feeling guilty for wanting more from yourself and more from life. You were not put on this earth to placate others and tip toe silently through shadows, you were given two feet, now go make some footprints.

What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

Integrity is everything! Be yourself, speak your truth and be consistent. This is the cornerstone of every great business and personal relationship.

What’s next for you and your business?

I plan on building my networks outside of Australia. I know our service and products have global relevance as we already service international clients. The key for me now will be creating the best, most innovative and seamless online systems and processes. This is already underway and I will have a new website and client evaluation software launching in the first half of this year. I am also really excited to continue to participate as a member of The League of Extraordinary Woman. Supporting other women in their entrepreneurial journey is something that feels important to me.


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