Julie Rainbow: Clarity Road

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About Julie Rainbow

[dropcap]J[/dropcap]ulie Rainbow is the Director of Clarity Road, as well as a part time freelance management and marketing consultant. Outside of work Julie is a passionate volunteer who heads up a committee for an organisation supporting women suffering domestic violence. In another life, Julie was the General Manager of a global IT company and serial meeting-a-holic. After starting her life from scratch almost a decade ago in bad circumstances, Julie’s passion now lies in helping other women through their own life changing events with Clarity Road.



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Ph: +61 411 557 790

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About Clarity Road

[dropcap]C[/dropcap]larity Road is dedicated to impacting the lives of women through realistic information, support and advice. We provide solutions for all types of life changing events including divorce, bankruptcy and job loss from a position of experience. Clarity Road gives women the information they need to make informed choices and connects women with the right services to help them get back on their feet. At Clarity Road, we also realise that a personal crisis isn’t always brought on by a specific life event. Self-esteem issues or loss of life-purpose can strike even the most outwardly confident and happy woman. Our workshops and mentoring programs are designed to help women from all walks of life to overcome fear, forge clear goals and take empowered steps toward realising their ambitions.


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Q & A with Julie Rainbow

What’s the story behind your business?

I was inspired to start Clarity Road after experiencing my own series of life changing events almost a decade ago. My ex-husband’s financial betrayal of myself and my family led to a difficult divorce, the loss of my award winning business and bankruptcy. Across this period of instability, I struggled to find the information and support I needed – it felt like for every question answered another two arose. Clarity Road began as a social assistance business based around helping women through life changing events, but has evolved into an organisation that empowers all women to live their best life.

What was your first job?

I was an Early Childhood teacher’s assistant. Miss Rainbow was certainly a memorable name for the kids!

When you decided to start your own business, what was your big “why”?

My own experience fueled Clarity Road. But so did the experiences of other people. As I got my own life back on track, I was regularly approached by old acquaintances or friends-of-friends who needed advice from someone who had been there. Where can I get more help with Centrelink payments? How can I track down a good lawyer without blowing my savings? What can I do if my ex isn’t paying child support? There was a gaping need for a one-stop-shop that answered these questions. I decided I wanted to fill that void.

What have you had to give up?

It took me a long time to recover financially after bankruptcy. The extent of my ex-husband’s debts meant that I was plagued by debt-collectors, and that my parents lost a large portion of their life savings. To risk my financial security after only recently regaining my freedom was undoubtedly the biggest sacrifice that I made.

Your proudest achievement to date?

In business, my proudest achievement is starting Clarity Road and using my work to assist women from all walks of life. It lights me up inside to know that what I do truly makes a difference. In life, I am so proud of my kids. They are two funny, insightful and caring people who inspire and surprise me every day.

What are some of the most exciting projects you’ve worked on?

Before I started Clarity Road I worked for a global IBM business partner. The management positions I held allowed me to travel extensively and to learn some amazing skills from the best in the business. In my most recent role as General Manager, I was part of a team that more than doubled business revenue in a short period – an exciting project in anyone’s books! Nonetheless, my passion ultimately lies with helping women to find their own fulfilment. Clarity Road has given me the opportunity to help women who feel disconnected from the life they are living to get their swagger back. I’ve seen some incredible transformations amongst our community, and it fills me with pride to know that I was part of changing someone’s life for the better.

What would you tell your younger self not to do?

For goodness sake, Miss Rainbow, don’t doubt yourself! I try not to live with regrets. Every experience I’ve had has landed me at the point I am now – and I love my life! But it wasn’t until I reached my 40’s that I started to really listen to my heart and took a risk in order to follow my dreams. I would tell my younger self to stop toeing the line and to be fearless.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

My parents are my strength and inspiration. When life felt hopeless and I had little faith in myself, they always reminded me that I can do anything I put my mind to. Everyone is unique and has the potential to succeed, provided you commit to your vision. They always remind me to have confidence and back myself – and that’s how I made it to where I am today.

What’s next for you and your business?

Clarity Road is gearing up for a Sass and Stride mentoring intake next month, so a lot of our focus is on evolving aspects of the program and preparing for our new subscribers. In the long term, we are excited to host a women’s event at the beginning of 2015 to help women harness the potential that a new year brings.


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