Kristy Smith: Agility Property

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About Kristy Smith

Kristy is Founder, Director and Principal Licensee of Agility Property. Kristy holds tertiary qualifications in Business, Human Resources, Legal and Property Services, is a Licensed Real Estate Agent in Queensland, a member of the Real Estate Institute of Queensland, Australian Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Business Chicks. She is an active member of her local community and national and international Not-For-Profit organisations that focus passionately on housing, health, and education such as Kiva, National Breast Cancer Foundation, and local kindergarten and daycare centres. Outside of her business, Kristy has a keen interest in photography and also enjoys sport, travel, experimenting with food, and enjoying great conversation over a piccolo latte, a glass of champagne or a mojito!




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About Agility Property

Agility Property is Brisbane’s newest property powerhouse and proof that leading like a lady and being your authentic self in a traditionally male-dominated industry can bring success. Kristy launched her boutique buyer’s agent business, Agility Property, to offer a personalised service of acquiring properties on behalf of buyers, as well as related services such as property management, property consolidation and re-investment, and design and decoration. Agility Property offers a personalised service that is designed to save time, money and frustration.

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Q & A with Kristy Smith, founder of Agility Property

What’s the story behind your business?

I purchased my first property in Sydney when I was 22 years of age yet the process took months of research, endless weekend of open viewings and clouded with uncertainty. Since then I have acquired additional properties which provided great clarity that there had to be a better way for buyers!

What was your first job?

Footwear sales at Kmart. I still do like shoes!

When you decided to start your own business, what was your big “why”?

I guess I had two big ‘whys’. “Why can’t I lead a business and care for my young family?” and “Why is buying a property STILL clouded with uncertainty for buyers?”

What have you had to give up?

Financial stability.

Your proudest achievement to date?

My proudest achievement in business would have to be changing a 15 year human resource management career to launching a new business in a new industry. In life, my two children, who have taught me that simplicity can be the most fun!

What are some of the most exciting projects you’ve worked on?

During my HR management career I had the opportunity to work in Chile on a Coal Steam Powered Energy Plant. Chile is a fascinating and beautiful country and I thoroughly enjoyed and gained so much from the country and the project. My first property acquisition for a client of Agility Property was thrilling. I was thrilled to help them achieve their goal and I was thrilled for the business too.

What would you tell your younger self not to do?

Don’t doubt yourself so harshly.

What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

Start how you would like it to be in the end. I love how this simple statement captures so much about life or business; have a vision, a plan and a style.

What’s next for you and your business?

We are full swing growth mode which is enthralling, invigorating and challenging.


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