What is Mumternship And Why It May Devalue Working Mums

This week’s top stories on World Wide Women delves into mumternships and why it may devalue working mums, the natural business skills of a mother, and advice for the young from World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leader, Jennifer Coreirro.


1. Mumternships: devaluing mothers in the workforce or assisting them to get their foot in the door?

If you have ever taken time out of your career you’ll know that getting back into the game is a tough task, and one that women who have been raising children are all too familiar with.  So how should we assist women as they re-enter the work force?  One US law firm came up with the idea of creating “mumternships”, where women who are well qualified, with years of experience, and years of mothering under their belt, can re-enter the workforce to be paid a fraction of the salary of a new graduate.  The benefit to the company is clear, and it does provide an easier entry for mothers looking for work, but is this really helping women in the long run?  Jaqueline Maley of the Sydney Morning Herald thinks not, as aside for the fact that it devalues women’s experience and qualifications in their field, it is also perpetuating problems concerning women’s pay and retirement funds.  Ultimately, positions such as these encouraging women to accept lower pay, exacerbating the gender pay gap and the financial struggles women face in old age.  Check out her full argument and consider the impact “mumternships” might have on women in the long run.


2. Why mums make good startup founders

The small businessmanCreating your own start-up is a pretty big job.  It requires time, commitment, the ability to juggle different jobs, and a passion for your work to help you face a variety of challenges.  So how can you prepare for such tasks?  According to Yael Kochman being a mother is the perfect way to learn about the pressures of giving birth to a new business.  The skills Kochman gained as a mother that can be utilised in business include the ability to work under pressure, the capacity to solve problems creatively and crowdsource information, and exceptional negotiation skills.  All she had to do next was adapt these skills to help develop and launch her business dreams.  Check out Yael Kochman’s thoughts on mothering a business.


3. Young Global Leader Jennifer Corierro inspires today’s youth

Jennifer CorreiroAs the founder of TakingITGlobal Jennifer Corierro has reached incredible heights in the business world, having been named a ‘Young Global Leader’ by the World Economic Forum, and having travelled to over 30 countries to present at conferences and support civil society engagement.  In a recent interview Corierro detailed her inspiration for TakingITGlobal, stating that she “felt driven to create an online space and community that would inspire youth to become more informed and involved in social and environmental issues.”  The organisation’s work to support young people, and help them to become more socially aware, has also given Corierro exceptional knowledge concerning young people entering the job market.  When asked what tips she has for the youth of today she says, “any employer is looking to grow a team of people who are invested in continuous learning, as the pace of change is fast, and the ability for organisations to be adaptive and resilient is based on the capabilities of team members to respond and make smart decisions.”  Read the full interview with Jennifer Coreirro here for some great advice on entering the job market.



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