The Crucial Factor In A Successful And Happier Career Change

Career moves and career changes are inevitable. For many women, the careers they began years ago do not usually resemble the paths that they are on now. The excitement, inspiration and sense of being valued disappear. Instead they work in an environment where they feel alone, undervalued and lonely. This is the crossroad one must cross: a change to stay or a change to go.


When you reach a stage where a career move or career change is beckoning, it is important to seek help, whether it is a trusted friend or a professional business coach. It is important to find someone who has been along this path themselves because they understand the personal and professional feelings, thoughts and challenges.

The next step is to put an action plan together to move you through this time. The most important place to begin reviving your career or personal life is to spend time creating a vision of a world that inspires and excites you. When you immerse yourself in new thinking and ways moving forward, the feeling of being stuck starts to melts away. Think of of it like putting soap on a stuck zipper of your favourite dress. You want to wear this fabulous dress, not let the stuck zipper stop you from looking great. Think of this metaphor as the start of creating a vision for you to stay or to go. Great dress, looking good.

Elite athletes and global performing artists have been using visioning as part of their training. This process of visioning applies for organisations too. There are numerous research by management consulting firms and reputable institutions that describe the importance of connecting with the inner self and wisdom for career fulfilment and leadership excellence.

The most important place to begin reviving your career or personal life is to spend time creating a vision of a world that inspires and excites you.

In a nutshell, change can only come from your inner self. Executives need to look inside first rather than outwards. By doing this, leaders become aware of their behaviours and how they contribute to their challenges. I wish many years ago when leading a team that I had the inner knowledge of my behaviours. Especially how my coping mechanisms contributed towards the lack of flow within my team. I was responsible and did not realise it at the time. I believe that I would not have left this great career if I had understood myself better and been able to turn around my inadequate behaviours.

Our work life needs to model our personal life; if we are not in touch with our inner purpose and passion then we suffer; so does our leadership capabilities. The new language that is developing is to lead from the heart, not from the head. For a moment, imagine the parts of your life that make you laugh. I call this understanding – like putting pieces of a jigsaw puzzle together. When we truly understand our inner selves then we can make the choice to stay or go.

I have seen many executives stay and feel reinvigorated in their career after spending time understanding their inner self, and how to address the challenges within to create a new picture of their career. They don’t want years of expertise to be lost and to leave a career that now has potential.

And for others with this new knowledge, it is time to leave; to celebrate a career that gives leverage into a new professional path.

Either way, change is important.


Sally Arnold’ s career spans the business and performing arts world, to heading The Australian Ballet business development department globally. She is also a Psychotherapist. Her career has focused on Change, essential in the Performing Arts world. And importantly leveraging past achievements and future desires into personal and professional excellence. In 2013 Sally published a book “Creating Encores” the wake up call for women leaders. She is a Speaker and Business coach for Executive women who are Stuck in their career. Sally believes that it is important to ignite, passion and purpose for authentic career progression. “Creating Encores” can be purchased at



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