The Count Down To The Launch!

The fashion industry! It seems all glamorous and fun, but on the inside it is one crazy mess. A crazy mess of getting that final product, garment or item to that perfect place and an image of what the designer or crew of craftspeople have envisioned.

Well, with saying that, I have always known my mind is crazy, stubborn and yes, imaginative. With our new BUTTONS by Sarah Claire Autumn/Winter collection set to launch in May the count down to perfection is on.

As I, the designer is set to travel overseas for the BUTTONS label and some personal time, that window for reaching perfection is getting smaller and smaller. I aimed to have the photo shoot completed before I left and things still rolling on while I was away. But as I am quickly beginning to realise – nothing in fashion EVER goes to plan.

Planning is one thing I am critical about. I come from a wedding and events background so I am used to run sheets and event breakdowns. And I guess with the industry I have come from and now entering the fashion industry, you need to stay on your toes and be ready to resolve anything and everything. Adapting to change and making things happen is something I think people of our generation either have or they don’t.

Some make things happen, some wait for things to happen and others do nothing.

Well! Right now, before I leave for my overseas travel my game plan is set for the launch and I will be back to show you sneak peeks of the new collection and tell you about the fashion, lifestyles and what I get up to in the different areas I venture to! x

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