How I Fight The Motivation Monster

Yesterday morning the motivation monster creeped into my bedroom before I woke and stole my motivation for the day. I really don’t like when it does this. Luckily it doesn’t happen that often.

I always surround myself with inspiring quotes and images, and I love reading stories about people living their dreams.

I have been using a vision board since I was a teenager. I have saved most of them and love pulling them out and revisiting them. A few years ago, I created yearly vision boards; some years I didn’t accomplish everything but did notice I end up reaching some of those goals years down the track.

At present I have a personal vision board at home, stuck at the end of my hallway. This means I am constantly walking past it and soaking it in.

At Cat Napping I have a vision board especially focused on building my brand. It is positioned in a central location where I and my work experience students can see it. I am happy for everybody working with Cat Napping to see my hopes and dreams for the business.

I also follow a range of inspiring companies and groups on Facebook. My favorites are: League of Extraordinary Women, Female Entrepreneur Association, Women’s Agenda,, The Entourage, Business Chicks & Enterprise Network for Young Australians. I love the encouraging content and photos they post.

I stumbled across League of Extraordinary Women on Facebook early last year and was surprised to see one of the co-founders was an ex colleague. I try to attend all of their major Melbourne events and love the atmosphere of the like-minded women who attend.

But my latest find on a Sunday afternoon while shopping is the new Renegade Collective magazine. I had been searching for such a magazine for years. I would scan the shelves at the newsagent not knowing what I was looking for but knew there was a gap in the market for an uplifting, business related magazine. I am so addicted to it, and can’t wait for the third edition to hit the shelf!

If all else fails on days like yesterday, I go to sleep hoping that the motivation monster will give me back what’s mine during the night, and when I wake, it’s a new day.

Ebony Centazzo

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