12 Hours With: Sharon Zeev Poole

12 Hours With: Sharon Zeev Poole

12 Hours With: Sharon Zeev Poole

With more than 15 years experience in the public relations industry, Sharon has worked with high profile brands including Warner Bros. Pictures and Starbucks Coffee. She founded Agent99 Public Relations in January 2007 as an agency built on results, and with strong strategic and creative credentials. Over the last seven years, Agent99 PR has represented clients in the consumer, lifestyle and corporate industries, working with Evian, SCA Hygiene (the makers of Libra and TENA) and the Hunter Valley region. Knowing how important it is to connect online with audiences these days through various platforms, Sharon has developed an offering that integrates traditional and digital solutions.



Most mornings, my two-year old son Jesse (my “human alarm”) wakes my husband and I up and it’s go-go-go from there! The three of us have breakfast and watch cartoons together; I check my emails as well as major headlines, and get myself ready for the day. Three days a week I have a nanny who looks after Jesse, and on those days I manage to squeeze in a workout before grabbing a coffee and heading to work.


The first few hours of work are focused on knocking over the smaller tasks such as responding to emails and planning out my day. Meetings with clients, staff, media and potential new business prospects are also a large part of each week. On Mondays I meet with each of my staff members and go through their work load for the week. This provides me with a sense of control over the company and also makes the team feel confident in tackling our most important priorities.


I always eat my lunch at my desk unfortunately (unless I’m at a lunch meeting), and it’s never anything overly exciting!  My lunch is one way I can maintain my weight, so I choose healthy options such as corn crackers, avocado and tuna or a salad with cottage cheese!


The afternoon is usually the time I tackle the larger tasks on my list. I make sure I block out a few hours to work through new client proposals and reviewing pieces of writing from my team members. However, no matter what task I’m focusing on, I always make sure to reply to emails, so that I don’t hold up anyone else’s work, and so that I’m being responsive to our clients’ needs. Our policy is to respond to client’s emails within 15 minutes, unless we’re at a meeting of course.  So our pace is relentless, but also the reason why I love it!


Most days I am out of the office between 5.30pm-6.00pm. Night time is typically family time, when the three of us watch a movie or read a book together! My husband and I each get one night “off” a week, where we pretend we don’t have any responsibilities. Normally on that night I have dinner with a friend, or do some shopping or get a massage!  It’s so important to have a good balance.


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