Why Natalie Barr Got Feminism And Gender Equality All Wrong

Natalie Barr says women blame men for their woes. We say, her views smack of ignorance to the broader population’s experience with gender discrimination and to the true aims of feminism and the fight for gender equality.

The Ban Bossy campaign has its fans, no doubt about that. But I hope Sandberg is also paying attention to its detractors. Sometimes even the best of intentions can unexpectedly go awry.

The power of persistence – it’s bred into your blood for literally a hundred thousand generations. Use it.

Has feministic independence, coyness or suspicion of men quelled vain attempts of being a knight in our modern era?

Philosophy: (noun) – a theory or attitude that acts as a guiding principle for behaviour. Code: (noun) – a set of conventions or moral principles governing behaviour in a particular sphere. [divider] Do you have a philosophy or code that guides your life? Or you might know it as an attitude, mantra or belief system.
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Don’t be passive if you want to have your complaint resolved. Become an activist and you will be surprised how often your complaint will be positively resolved.

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