Fun Times With Real Estate Agents

When it was time to find my warehouse, it was harder than I thought – and this crushed me, as it was a very important part of the plan. When I found something I liked, I would make contact with the agent and that’s when the fun began! I’m not being sexist, but they are mainly men, all cocky, a bit vague and now I am very hesitant when having to deal with them. A bit harsh, you’re thinking? My experience has seen them not return calls or emails; I have had one laugh when I told him what I wanted the warehouse for; one strung me along for weeks by not telling me that all the owners in the street didn’t want a “cattery” amongst them.

The agent who was looking after the warehouse I am in now never flinched when I told him my plans. He did end up being cocky, and vague (he misread my email of offer and wrote up the contract on the wrong warehouse). But apart from that little hiccup, he was very supportive and was amazed at the transformation of the warehouse.

My warehouse the day I viewed it
My warehouse the day I viewed itWarehouse 1

I am bringing this up because over the last few weeks I have been searching for a second premise in the inner West. Let the fun times begin! This time I am trying to be stronger. This time I am business owner, and this time I know what I am doing. Kinda!

Cat Napping today
Cat Napping todayCat Napping Suburban Retreat

I have found an ideal warehouse with an agent that did one of the above mentioned things. The day we met at the warehouse to view it, he acted as if we had never met. I played along, but I am sure he wouldn’t have forgotten the crazy young girl who wanted to open a cattery and whom he showed through numerous warehouses 2 years prior. I need to negotiate on the yearly price as it has been empty for 8 months now, but he never negotiates. Any advice?

On Wednesday I found another one but I wasn’t able to call the agent, so I dropped him an email. After 24 hours of no reply, I called him and left a message. Later that day I got a reply from the email – no mention that he got my voice message. Today he called me 3 times at 2pm; he was waiting for our appointment. Only thing is, our appointment is tomorrow at 2pm.

Ah the fun!

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