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I don’t know about you but the moment I became a mummy was also the moment I shelved any and all personal travel dreams.  And it wasn’t like it was a struggle. Hell, I was elbow deep in poop and spew, and seriously lacking in sleep. I’m not sure I had dreams at all, let alone time to daydream about the six month African Safari I’d always wanted to go on.  The first year, haze soon passes and you eventually start to remember that you were once an individual who wasn’t just a mummy and you had a bucket-list like everyone else.   It is not selfish to find a way to achieve these dreams. You can do it while involving your kids if you are sometimes willing to be unconventional and think outside the box.

There are some amazing families out there who are living their travel dreams every day. To be honest there are so many that I had trouble narrowing it down to three.

Livin’ on the Road

Photo: supplied
Photo: supplied

Livin’ on the Road is the blog of Amy and Jarrad and their four kids as they travel around Australia together. Yup, that’s right. FOUR. That makes a family of six that have been on the road together since 2009. They are moving slowly around Australia with a custom made campervan and a Land Cruiser. And that’s it folks. And they are having the time of their lives.  Originally from Melbourne the family now confesses that their views of this great southern land prior to this trip were very city centric.  The kids were between 3 and 11 when the trip started.  Mum, Amy, homeschools them.  They choose a place and stop from time to time when funds get low.  You can check out their blog for more details on how to make it happen.

Our Travel Lifestyle

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Meet the Burns family. Colin, Tracey, Noah and Hayley were just a typical Aussie family living a life that ticked all the boxes…but something felt like it was missing.  Passion.  And more time with the children. Everyone says they grow up too fast right? And life just sets us up to be away from them in order to provide for them and live the dream of the mortgage and career.  So in January 2010 the family packed up and took off on their quest to travel the world…for an indefinite period of time. In May 2011 they set up a house in Penang, Malaysia and use this as their base. They aim to spend 6 months of the year in Malaysia and 6 months of the year travelling. They are on the road right now so head over to their blog to see what they have to say. They have loads of great tips and planning info for other families ready to take the plunge and live a life like theirs.

Almost Fearless

Almost Fearless

Wondering how you would travel with a baby?  And by a baby I mean almost fresh out of the oven.  Christine and Drew have been travelling the world since 2008. Back then it was just them, their dogs and lots of camera gear. But then they had little Cole who is now 2.5 years old.  They have not stopped travelling. In fact, when Cole was 4 months old they just picked up where they left off. They are currently based in Mexico and baby number 2 will be joining them any day now.   Christine is a truly gifted writer so this blog is a delight to read. Check it out.




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