Go See: Amazing Treehouse by Steve Rondel

This magnificent treehouse that looks like one out of a story book is the work of Steve Rondel who started building the edifice two decades ago for his children. He didn’t quite finish it in time for the kids (who are now adults) to enjoy.  Steve is now looking forward to some grandchildren hoping for a new dose of inspiration to finally finish this 3-level treehouse project. Complete with it’s own moat, it’s definitely a quirky, unusual place to go see. The treehouse is located in Redmond, Washington.


Treehouse by Steve Rondell
The Redmond Treehouse has its own moat.
Redmond Treehouse
What does it remind you of?
The Redmond Treehouse at spring time.
The Redmond Treehouse at spring time. Photo via Way Marking
Art nouveau on the roof.
A touch of art nouveau.
A peek inside.
A peek inside.


Images via Curious Places blog from the book Treehouses of the World.

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