San Francisco Is The City For Female Founders

While San Francisco is the place to be in the US for female entrepreneurs, Morocco is not far behind with 8 women named by Forbes in the top 25 most influential women in Africa. Business icon Warren Buffett sings praises for women in business and Therese Tucker makes better software in a male-dominated tech world.

1. San Francisco, the city for female founders

Golden Gate

Book your tickets ladies! We’re heading to San Francisco, the USA’s number one city for female entrepreneurs.  The list of the USA’s top ten cities for women in business was released this week with Seattle coming in second followed by Washington D.C, Minneapolis and Portland.  The infographic with each city’s employment and business stats, as well as some good advice for women in business, can be found here.  If you’ve been thinking about visiting the States, there is no better time than now, and I for one would be checking out flights to sunny San Fran for some summer weather and business inspiration at the Next Genderation Conference on women in business. Key note speakers include Sheryl Sandberg and congress woman Jackie Speier.

2.  Top business chicks in Morocco

Salwa Akhannouch

If you’re after a slightly more exotic location to escape to over winter, while also collecting some ideas and motivation for the workplace, Morocco could be just the spot for you.  Eight Moroccan women were named by Forbes in the top 25 most influential women in Africa.  Each if them run successful businesses, ranging from Africa’s largest shopping centre to leading the international consulting department of Morocco’s oldest and most prestigious law firm.  While most of these women come from privileged families, they are each working hard to increase the presence of women in the workplace.  Check out the full list here.

3.  Getting cosy with women in tech

Therese Tucker

Can’t afford to escape the winter weather?  Rug up and check out the latest tech news instead.  Blackline System’s founder Therese Tucker recently spoke to Forbes about being a woman in a male-dominated field.  While the challenges for women in technology are obvious when we consider the ways women are marginalised when looking for work in the industry, Tucker suggests we reconsider the situation.  In a room of 25 workers where only one is a woman, that woman has an opportunity to step up and stand out much more easily than her colleagues.  Tucker took advantage of this and used her innovation in the workplace to establish her own business, while still making time to share some of her best work tips with us.

4. Warren Buffet gives women a boost

Warren Buffett

There are some days when the “sisters doin’ it for themselves” mantra doesn’t quite cut it.  You know how it is… you leave the house only to get wolf-whistled while running to catch your train, an idea you had for work gets shot down by a male colleague before you can even finish your sentence, and then Greg from accounting asks you to please type up your note from last week’s business meeting.  “Greg, I’m a woman but that doesn’t mean I’m your secretary so type your own damn notes!” If days like that make you wonder if the male world is against you, don’t despair.  Recently, business mogul and philanthropist Warren Buffett spoke out about women’s roles in business and the importance of giving them the respect and opportunities they deserve.  However, Buffett is not the first powerful man to speak out about the importance of women in business.  Peter Lynch, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg have each stood up and voiced the value of contributions made by women in the work place, with Gates going so far as to tell a room full of Saudi men at a tech conference that they will never get into the top 10 countries in the world of technology if they’re “not fully utilizing half the talent in the country.”  For more legendary quotes from our male supporters, check out the full story.

5.  Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie

We may be a little tired of seeing Angelina Jolie in the news, but this week she has dominated women’s news with the announcement of her double mastectomy.  Having both breasts removed is perhaps one of the most difficult decisions a woman could ever make.  Jolie’s announcement has given women like Nicole Elphick an opportunity to share their stories, while also drawing our attention to the importance of being tested for the “cancer gene”, more technically termed the BRCA1 gene fault.  If your family has a history of breast cancer, don’t delay getting tested for the gene; it could save your life.


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