Fancy A Career As Cabin Crew With Emirates?

Fancy A Career As Cabin Crew With Emirates?

Fancy A Career As Cabin Crew With Emirates?

When I caught the travel bug in 2008, my destination was as far away as I could afford – Europe. I wanted to run away from the relics of a five-year relationship that came to its inevitable conclusion. So when a special offer from Emirates landed in my inbox, I booked a solo ticket on a whim, packed my bags and hatched a plan to keep on traveling forever.

I fantasised about living in Dubai – the doorway to everywhere. Everything seems to be happening there. Perfect weather,  dynamic lifestyle, an abundance of entertainment options, the Burj Khalifa. You could fly to some of the most amazing places on earth and be there in hours!

If you’ve ever considered working as cabin crew for a top airline like Emirates, this is your opportunity. Play the video above to hear all your questions answered by the Emirates Cabin Crew. Hint: they’re recruiting!

working and living in Dubai
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According to Emirates their “cabin crew apartments are modern and fully furnished, with shared accommodation – a great way to meet new friends from over 160 nationalities! And there’s no better place to do this than Dubai. Living and working with colleagues from across the world is a big part of the job, creating ample opportunity to interact with and understand different cultures.”


Dubai sand dune
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working and living in Dubai with Emirates
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“Living the crew life means combining your love for travel with a lifestyle that suits your needs. Off duty crew members can enjoy the perks of using their Emirates Card when shopping or hitting a night on the town. Dubai’s high standards of safety and security, as well as endless day and night time attractions make it a city that Emirates and its cabin crew, are proud to call home.”

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