Four Proven Ways To Build Your Online Brand Through Social Media

Launching an brand through social media is a cost-effective way to acquire new customers and get traction. You can’t go wrong with these proven tactics.

Running a business isn’t just about making sure the day to day tasks are done. There is so much to do that we lose sight of the bigger picture: to keep the business moving.

The five-year milestone is a significant one in the life of a business. So for Kate McKibbin’s online fashion and beauty portal to sail into its seventh year is a rather big deal. Not to mention raking in a six-figure revenue and a readership of 150,000.

Digital media is no longer a buzzword but a business reality. Penny Diamantakiou Yahoo!7 CFO shares valuable insights into the latest digital media trends at an Executive Women Masterclass luncheon.

PicMonkey and Canva are handy web apps to help you edit images – add text, apply filters, create a collage and more. Handy for posting engaging content on social media using images.

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