How To Look Fabulous With A Pair Of High Heel Shoes Anywhere Anytime

How To Look Fabulous With A Pair Of High Heel Shoes Anywhere Anytime

How To Look Fabulous With A Pair Of High Heel Shoes Anywhere Anytime

Tanya Williams
Tanya Williams

Anyone that knows me, knows I am the ultimate shoe girl with an extensive collection of styles and colours but with a particular fondness for my friend Jimmy Choo.

Working with me is like watching a fashion show complete with different heels every day, sometimes with a quick change during the day.  But my team consists mainly of male colleagues so I doubt they even notice the fabulous footwear display that happens in front of their very eyes.

However for corporate gals working in the city, sporting a pair of sky-high stilettos can present its own problems.  I’m sure I am not alone when I say that those uneven sidewalks, cracks in the cement and broken pavers play havoc on our heels and our ankles.

My one wish is for every city council to install those moving escalators throughout the city so we can save our shoes and our dignity!

So how do we navigate the city sidewalks without wrecking our shoes or falling down broken sidewalk cracks?






This might seem like a lot of work just to stay looking fabulous in a pair of high heel shoes, but it’s worth it.

Plan it

I like to plan my shoe sequence around my meetings. If I have an in the office day I can wear heels that are a little higher than normal, break in new stiletto’s or pop on those fabulous heels you love but that aren’t exactly comfortable (we all have them so you know what I’m talking about).

Swap it

Depending on the location of my meetings, I might swap shoes to suit the proposed route. This might include slipping on some ballet flats to walk to a meeting then swapping  them with my heels before I enter the office. I refuse to do any meetings inn flat shoes! Ugh…

Spare pair

I have always got several different shoe styles available to wear each day. I have spare heels in my car and some flats and sandals under my desk in case of emergency or a shoe blowout. Be prepared.

Looking good takes effort and being without fabulous shoes for work and client meetings is not an option for me so with a little forethought and some sassy attitude, there is no stopping any of us wearing our shoes in the city and rocking it with attitude.


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