I’m The Founder of Woman.com.au And I’m An Awkward, Boring Introvert

I’m The Founder of Woman.com.au And I’m An Awkward, Boring Introvert

I’m The Founder of Woman.com.au And I’m An Awkward, Boring Introvert

“Despite baring my heart and soul to be judged by others, whether on the dance floor or with my words, I felt safe. Unexposed. It wasn’t me. It was a character.” Founder of woman.com.au blogs about coming out of the shadow, getting out of her own way and stepping into the light.


I’ve been running woman.com.au since January 2013 and although I have big hairy audacious goals for it, I never imagined the little blog I started would gain so much ground and explode the way it has in such a short time. I have been blessed with an incredible community of ambassadors and editorial team who help create the stories, spread the word and lend a hand where it’s needed. They are the face of woman.com.au, and as an introvert, I’ve been secretly happy to work behind-the-scenes, intentionally avoiding publicity that would pull me into the spotlight.

“It’s not about me. It’s about other women who are more deserving of having their stories heard. I want to put the spotlight on them,” I said to our editor Stephanie Sta Maria during an editorial meeting at a local cafe in Hawthorn, Victoria. She wanted me to start opening up to our readers and our community.

“No, I don’t want the spotlight on me.” I protested.

Which is kind of odd because I’m a performer. In my kindergarten yearbook (yes we had one), I was named “The Dancer”.  I later became a gymnast until the age of 16 when I officially retired. I also sang in a youth choir and when my family migrated to Australia when I was a teenager, I continued to pursue my love of dance which brought me to the world of ballroom dancing seven years ago. In 2010, I won a title at the Australian Dancesport Championships in my category – an Australian champion!

Donning beautiful sequined gowns, fake tan, false eyelashes as long as my arm, tons of glitter and bling, I would perform to a crowd with my dance partner. Ballroom dancing is competitive requiring skill, style and stamina. The idea is to stand out among a sea of beautiful dancers while showing an equal dose of characterisation, musicality, athleticism and technique. It’s about owning the dance floor, looking like a winner and taking the spotlight unapologetically.


Despite the nerves, I feel comfortable in that spotlight. In fact, I thrive in it. So I am a little bewildered why when it comes to my business, I’m hiding in the background. I’ve let opportunities go because I keep reminding myself that it’s not about me.

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