12 Hours With: Gina Lednyak

With a background in psychology, Gina Lednyak founded L&A Social Media to help brands create powerful social media campaigns that grow awareness, increase customer loyalty and create an engaged community.


Since launching her business, Gina has worked with a range of amazing clients including Nudie Juice, Project Runway and McWilliams Wines and in 2013 she was a NSW finalist in the Telstra Business Awards.


I wake up and jump out of bed; I have always been an early riser and absolutely love my morning time. As soon as I wake up I have a glass of hot water with lemon and run out the door for a quick workout– either a run or an outdoor fitness class with Bondi Vixen. Nothing beats watching the sunrise over the ocean in Bondi; it inspires me throughout the day. After my workout, rain, hail or shine I jump into the ocean for a swim. Growing up in Russia and NYC I still can’t get over the fact that there is a gorgeous ocean right at my doorstep.

After my swim I run home shivering and jump into a hot shower, followed by either a green smoothie or scrambled eggs and a cup of tea. I usually eat out on the balcony and run through goals and key tasks for the day ahead. After brekkie and morning prep I get ready quickly, usually while blasting music or listening to an audiobook. Before I leave the house I sit either out on the terrace or on my favourite piece of furniture (my giant Lovesac) and meditate for ten minutes. Meditating is something I try to do every morning; it sets me up for an inspired and exciting day. I often get my best ideas during my morning meditation. After meditation I make another tea in my Keep Cup and jet off to the office!.


We all get into the office between 8-8:30am. I normally drive to the office either continuing my audiobook or listening to music; if I am feeling indulgent I will make a pit stop at Bru café in North Bondi and grab a piccolo. Once in the office I spend the first 10-15 minutes organising my day and planning out what I will do and when. The morning is spent on client strategy and team brainstorming. I try not to check email until 10am so I get some solid work in. I always find that my best strategy time is before 1pm so the more I can fit in the morning, the better!


Depending on the day of the week I either grab a quick lunch and eat at my desk or meet a client for lunch. I love lunch catch-ups; it is a really nice way to get to know the people you work with on a more personal level. Once a week we go to the Dove & Olive (the pub next door) for lunch. It’s been a tradition since we moved into this office and if we don’t make it there once a week we go into burger withdrawal (with 4 Americans on the team this is a serious problem!). On Monday’s our entire team catch’s up for a weekly brainstorm and plot how to take over the social media world.


The afternoons tend to be either head-down work time or meeting time, depending on the day. I find it more productive to get work done first thing in the morning and have meetings in the afternoon. Often we have clients come to our office for content reviews and strategy sessions. If we don’t have any meetings the team and I will sometimes do a sneaky meditation or pop out for a quick Messina Gelato run! Once a week, Dave (L&A operations managers & head strategist) and I have a planning session to map out how we can continuously improve our systems and what new innovations we can introduce into the work we do for clients.


I normally leave the office around 6 depending on what we have on at the time. If we are working on a big proposal or strategy I will sometimes hang behind to work on it. Before I leave the office I also always make a list of things I would like to get done the next day. I find doing this gives the next day structure and helps prioritise and keep proactive instead of reactive. The evenings are normally spent with my awesome partner Daniel. We can either be found at Raw Bar, planning the weekend scuba diving adventures, working together or, in the summer, swimming and surfing. He heads up Braintree in Australia and we both have pretty busy schedules but always find time for spontaneous adventures!


Connect with Gina Lednyak:


social-media-twitter-32 https://twitter.com/ginalednyak

social-media-facebook-32 https://www.facebook.com/LednyakSocial

social-media-linkedin-32 au.linkedin.com/in/ginalednyak/


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