Like Fine Wine, Aging Adds Depth

I am in my mid to late 20s and I have a confession to make. Aging terrifies me.

I don’t know what it is about aging that I dislike so much, but I just do. One not-for-profit organisation helping to change the perceptions of how the elderly are viewed is Southern Cross Care.

A national organisation, Southern Cross Care’s ethos is to empower, support and validate its clients by thinking about aged care differently. It was clear from my attendance at the Southern Cross Care Mother’s Day Brunch at Leonda by the Yarra, that this ethos is present within all employees, from their senior management through to their frontline. “Although we are all going to get old, it doesn’t have to be the end of your life”, said Master of Ceremonies and Deputy CEO Ian Barton.

Southern Cross Care
Some of the fabulous attendees at the Mother’s Day brunch

With special guest George McEncroe, the fundraising function was a perfect reminder to cherish the ordinary in life, so be thankful for what you have, enjoy your life and don’t judge anyone. You never know what the person sitting next to you has experienced.

“Providing mobility is the key to ensuring a successful, healthy life for the elderly, and we [at Southern Cross Care] achieve this by providing opportunities for active participation”, added Mr Barton.

From raising funds for iPads, through to purchasing pet parakeets and even flights so their elderly clients can attend important family events; it is clear that Southern Cross Care values their clients.

For me, the comfort and support demonstrated by Southern Cross Care taught me that aging doesn’t mean the end of ambition or life as we know it.

Southern Cross Care is a not for profit organisation and relies on bequests, donations and sponsorship to supplement Federal Government funding. Donations can be made by visiting their website.


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