Blogger Series: The World of Mrs Woog

Blogger Series: The World of Mrs Woog

Blogger Series: The World of Mrs Woog

Meet Mrs Woog, mum to two boys and wife to Brad Pitt. I mean Mr Woog. Her family the Woogettes feature regularly on her blog Woogsworld.

Mrs Woog found a somewhat unexpected stardom writing about the mundane and leaving readers in stitches. She’s not exactly sure how she did it. After all, the blog started out as a form of personal therapy after her son was diagnosed with a hearing condition.

Now, Mrs Woog is juggling life not only as wife and mum but also as a sought-after blogger and opinionist. She is one of The Hoopla’s favourite columnists and was sent to the 2012 Mercedes Fashion Week to report on all things fashion.

She also went to New York thanks to Garnier who sponsored the trip.

And if I’m not mistaken, Mrs Woog featured on Garnier’s hair colouring range. Yep. That box of hair dye you get from the supermarket. Look out for the “Woogsworld” label.

Mrs Woog has an extremely loyal fan base. They love her raw, honest and hilarious take on life as a mother and all the, er… parenting advice she dishes out.

And if you have a thing against breastfeeding, be warned. Mrs Woog has blog post full of breastfeeding mamas doing their thing.

I loved my interview with Mrs Woog. Enjoy!

Your blog Woogsworld is all about the mundane. Tell us all about it.

I started my blog a few years ago as a tool to daily document the goings on happening in my family. It has grown accidently I think as people quite like normal, nothing is sugar coated. I have a lovely readership that is mainly women and one young man in Latvia. (Hi Peteris!)

How did it get started? What was the inspiration that kickstarted the idea? Where do you find inspiration day in and day out?

Woogsworld was born after I quite my job following the birth of my youngest son. He was diagnosed with a significant hearing loss when he was two days old and I knew that my hands would be full with appointments, speech therapy and the like. My goal was to get him up to speed with his speech and hearing so he could attend mainstream school.

At that point, I really needed something for me that did not involve retail therapy, hence Woogsworld was born.

I draw inspiration from the everyday. I walk around writing blog posts in my head. I am an avid life observer and read a lot of information and media and the blog gives me an outlet to discuss everything, and occasionally blow off some steam.

What does a typical day look like?

 I would like to say it starts with a green smoothie and a 5km run, but it is coffee and Weetbix and lunch making and washing and all the normal stuff you do when you are an efficient head of household. After I drop off the kids to school, I write until midday. Either blog posts, or a column. I spend a lot of time answering emails and working with clients on upcoming campaigns.

I knock off with a sandwich and a diet coke and devote the afternoon to avoiding domestic duties.

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