Putting The “F” into Flexiblity

Putting The “F” into Flexiblity

Putting The “F” into Flexiblity

When it comes to sourcing a flexible job, we all know the competition can be tough.  Every man and his dog (or really every woman and her preschooler) seems to desire flexibility in their job and why shouldn’t they.  With the advent of technology, now more than ever flexibility can be incorporated into even the most demanding, high intensity occupations and the concept of work-life balance should have the ability to be applied to everyone.  That being said, employers have generally been slow on the uptake with regards to flexibility in the workplace and flexible jobs are too often few and far between.
Check out our quick 3 tips for improving your chances of securing a flexible job.

[checklist]Speed is the name of the game[/checklist]

In this case slow and steady doesn’t not win the race; if you see a flexible position you are interested in, apply immediately.  Don’t book-mark it, save it for later, feed the dog and then apply.

Do. It. Right. Now.

If an employer has had an overwhelming response to a job ad, they are likely to take it down quickly even if the ad states a closing date of 1 or 2 weeks later. So get moving! Ensure you are armed with a well-written resume, individual and personalised cover letter and a positive attitude.

[checklist]Cover letters matter[/checklist]

By this, I mean as individual as the dress sense of festival goers. Some people may feel that cover letters are things of the past.  They are most definitely not. A cover letter gives you the ability to show some flair and highlight how your skills and experience marry those required in the job ad.

But, they must be individual. Really and truly individual.

No if, no buts.

Do not copy and paste.

[checklist]Be social media savvy[/checklist]

Your social media profiles need to be in tip top, sparkling shape.  I recently conducted a survey amongst our advertisers and every single one said they check a potential employee’s social media platforms at some stage of the recruitment process.  Sometimes even prior to even interviewing.  It would be incredibly disappointed to be the best person for the job however discounted due to the photo from 2007 of you worse for wear at 5am. Make sure your social media profile is an accurate and true reflection of your personal brand.


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Sarah Morrissey is the Marketing Manager at JobFlex – Australia’s leading destination for Part Time, Contract, Casual and Temporary Jobs.




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