Why I’m Scared To Commit To My Business

I want my business to explode! But what’s stopping me?

I find myself saying no more often, mostly because functions and events related to running my blog always happen mid-week. Being a full time corporate graphic designer, this means leaving the house in the dark and coming home in the dark.

My blog “Where the styledthings are” is a business. I work hard to get my name out there and I have been networking with contacts for over seven years as a photographer and designer, and now as a blogger.

What’s stopping me from saying “yes” and allowing my business to explode in a good way?

I can’t commit to my business fully because I am scared.

I have worked in a full-time job now since I was 17. That was 13 years ago. To leave my job or even go part-time is a big worry. The biggest concern is that we (my husband and I) won’t be able to live! While my blog is growing in popularity (and generating some income), it’s not quite enough to leave my regular-paying job or even go part-time.  This means my work commitments take over my blogging commitments more often and I am finding myself sacrificing the growth of my business for my day job.

I know a lot of other bloggers who work 9-to-5 and blog too, but I’m seeing so much growth –  receiving more and more sponsored posts but finding less time to commit to shooting and styling all of these products. Not to mention other opportunities like getting invited to many events which are unfortunately held during work time. I simply don’t have the time.

So the dilemma…  If I switched to part-time in my day job and part-time with the blog, things could explode!

But I am scared to say goodbye to my regular income.

Sometimes I feel like all I ever do is work in my day job, come home and blog, then shoot on weekends and schedule all my posts.

I LOVE that, but I am neglecting friends and family at the same time.

In order for me to have a balanced life, laying low for a while and reigning in my blog while I work full-time is a choice I make so I can still live while I create and enjoy my home.


Adelle Cousins

  • I’m in the same boat Adelle, so fully understand you. You can start with trying part time – take one work day off, use as a rec leave, and see how it goes. It should give an idea on whether it’s rolling out to the right direction. Doing that allowed me to sleep at night and not going to bed at 3am to be waken up at 6.30am, only that is a lot, I’m sure you know what I mean 🙂
    I had and still have the same fear as you. Just think what little and not damaging you could do to help yourself. Nobody will do it for you, only you need to think how to have a balanced life, and you need to start doing small steps towards that. xx Natalie

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