Pucker Up For International Kissing Day

Need to spice things up a bit? There’s no better time than the present to pucker up!


July 6 is International Kissing Day and to celebrate, Australia’s leading kissing, body language and relationship expert, Katia Loisel and photographer Richard Shaw have partnered with L’amour TV to release of The L’amour Kissing Guide: Decoding The Non-Verbal Language of Love.

This guide decodes the non-verbal language of love, the science behind kissing and the worst kissing turn-offs.

To give you a sneak peak into the guide, Katia’s given us her top 5 tips for improving your kissing technique (because, let’s face it, who doesn’t want to up their pashing game?)

Build the anticipation

Whether it’s your first kiss or you’ve been together forever, take it slow and build the anticipation so that they’re dying to kiss you. Touching, teasing, kissing and caressing your way around their face and erogenous zones and increasing eye contact will release a surge of neurotransmitters that heighten attraction and leave them begging for more.

Zero in on their most sensitive erogenous zone

Brimming with nerve endings, our lips are one of our body’s most powerful erogenous zones. For an added burst of sensual pleasure start with soft, sensual kisses and caresses before building to a hot, deep pash. A light kiss and touch activates the brain’s emotional orbitofrontal cortex and is picked up by pleasure seeking nerves called C-fibers.

Activate the right hemisphere of their brain

To strengthen your emotional connection and maximize attraction and enjoyment, focus your attention on your partner’s left-hand side. For right-handers, the left side of the body is connected to the right brain associated with feelings, senses and memories, making your attention even more powerful.

Follow their lead

The secret to the perfect kiss is to kiss them the way they’re kissing you because that’s the way they’d most like to be kissed. To make an unforgettable impression, start slow, take their lead and don’t jump straight in unless you’re sure that’s what they like.

Up your kissing dose

For the ultimate relationship boost simply increase your daily dose of French Kissing. Increasing your daily kissing intake by just a minute a daywill help get you in the mood and feel more in love.
L’amour TV is dedicated to lifting the lid on love, sex, dating and relationships and is excited to be partnering with Katia torelease the L’amour Kissing Guide available free from www.lamourtv.com/spreadthelove.


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