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Alexandra Tselios is a Business Consultant, Entrepreneur and Publisher of opinions site, The Big Smoke. Within a year of launching the site, Alex has managed to secure opinion pieces from some of Australia’s most recognisable voices, including Anthony Albanese, Derryn Hinch and Julian Burnside QC – making her a savvy force to be reckoned with.


Most mornings, even weekends, I am up at around 5am. My first action is, as terrible as it may be, to check my emails. I receive a lot of emails globally, so I do admit to reading them even if I don’t reply straight away. I then take my pug Bette for a walk along Rose Bay pier, before making breakfast. I recognise now that if I skip breakfast and head straight for just a coffee, I’ll end up doing the unhealthy 3pm carbs, so I now make it a priority to cook even just a couple of eggs while sipping my ristretto. While I am having breakfast, I’ll scan the papers and online news outlets to keep up to date and also make a few calls to plan my day. I’ll also check the backend of The Big Smoke to see what my editorial team has scheduled for the day. I am usually out of the house by 7am.


No day is ever the same, but there tends to be a few consistencies in the tasks I get done before lunchtime. I’ll generally have a few live radio interviews discussing The Big Smoke and some of the most controversial news stories of the week. I’ll have a meeting with an advertiser or stakeholder and follow-up with my sales and editorial team to get an update on their progress. I also do a lot of consulting work, so I’ll spend a few hours working on a client’s start-up as well. I get my best work done between 5am-1pm, so I tend to jam pack my mornings with tasks to ensure I have maximised my productivity.


As with my breakfast, in the past I have been a bit lax with my lunches, so it is now a real effort to ensure I eat something. If I am able to, I like to book a lunch time meeting with a stakeholder or client to kill two birds with one stone – eat some good food and work!


My afternoons are filled with office work, consulting work, writing or conducting more radio interviews. I try to not have too many meetings planned in the afternoons, as I prefer to spend this time focusing on getting through my to-do lists, following-up personal calls and emails, as well as getting prepared for the next day. If I do have a meeting, it will be with the people or businesses I am doing philanthropic work with, as I have a number of ventures I am consulting in this realm as well as sit on the board of directors for a not for profit. I’ll spend a few hours throwing around ideas and reviewing ROIs or strategies.


I work remotely, so I don’t have a consistent office ‘start’ and ‘finish’ time. Some days I may be done by 5pm and will head out to dinner with friends, but more often I will work into the night from home. Despite my best intentions, I rarely cook at night and usually grab a box of sashimi if I am not at an event or out to dinner. It’s crucial for me to have ‘time out’ and I usually like to be at home during the week and in bed by 8-9pm although while I am meant to be chilling out, I admit I still have my laptop open in front of me the whole time….


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