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My memory of photography dates back to a TV commercial when I was 13. It was of a little girl documenting her day through images, starting with her brightly coloured socks. She made 24 hours look so bright and colourful. I have always wondered what MY day would look like if I showcased images of
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I want my business to explode! But what’s stopping me? I find myself saying no more often, mostly because functions and events related to running my blog always happen mid-week. Being a full time corporate graphic designer, this means leaving the house in the dark and coming home in the dark. My blog “Where the styledthings are”
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“Adelle, I have seen Dumb and Dumber, but you…are the dumbest of all.” I was 14, struggling with being a teenager, not knowing what hormones were and how they worked. One minute I was laughing at the kid who just accidentally snotted on the water fountain from laughing too hard, the next I was crying
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