Trailblazers In The Corporate Ladder

Trailblazers In The Corporate Ladder

Trailblazers In The Corporate Ladder

Virginia Rometty – CEO, IBM Corporation

ginni_rometty_2013Another tech firm, another Fortune 500 company and another inspirational woman with a different story behind her success in the boardroom. Ginni Rometty is the CEO and Chair of IBM after taking up the post in 2012.

Joining Ursula Burns in the increasing ranks of senior women in big tech businesses, Ginni had 31 years of working at IBM under her belt before taking on the top job last year. Her long tenure with the company doesn’t mean that she’s been standing still. She has valuable lessons for doing business in a rapidly changing environment.

In an interview with CNN, Ginni said, “the first thing you always have to do is keep reinventing yourself for high value. The second thing you’ve got to always do is keep thinking about how to make a market.” While this is particularly pertinent in the tech sector where innovation brings about significant change on a fast cycle, the same can be said for all businesses. Reinvention and redefinition of markets are hugely important for all businesses and all women looking to make their mark in those businesses.

There are a growing number of female role models in big business, such as Dion Simone from Mercer and Hole Accountants, with some valuable lessons to pass on to those following in their footsteps. Each of these inspiring women have their own personal style and take on their career and approach to business. Those aiming for the top can learn much from their experiences and their words of wisdom.

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