Arabella Forge: Grow Your Own, Buy Local, Waste Nothing

Arabella Forge: Grow Your Own, Buy Local, Waste Nothing

Arabella Forge: Grow Your Own, Buy Local, Waste Nothing

Arabella Forge used to be like the rest of us mere mortals – chugging soft drink and junk food and generally treating her body like a tip.

Looking at her lifestyle now, it’s hard to imagine it though. A self-described “frugavore” (more on that later) she’s into pure eating, growing her own veggies, and her body is a temple. So how did that happen? And why is she being photographed with a live chicken on her kitchen bench?

Ah Boris…

“I did have various run-ins with Boris the rooster but he survived that photo shoot – we didn’t eat him. He’s since been eaten by a fox,” she said.

“It’s not a bad life; to have two or three wonderful years living free range and then get eaten by a fox.”

I suspect Boris would agree with at least half of that statement!

Arabella is probably best known for her foodie segment on Channel 10’s Love to Share but she’s also a food writer, author and dietician. The day I speak to her, there is powerful evidence of her latest starring role as mum to a demanding toddler (aren’t they all?) She takes it in her stride, juggling our phone conversation while trying to keep her little one entertained and alive. I don’t know how mums do it, what with all the forks and electrical sockets lying around.

But back to being a frugavore. Arabella says it’s not as mystical as it sounds.

“It’s really just my own experience of trying to eat a really healthy diet, waste less and spend less money,” she said.

“We have this idea that we’ve always just bought food from the supermarket but Coles and Woollies have only been around since 1961 and 1963. Before that, our parents and grandparents were eating food that they or their neighbours grew and visiting their local butcher.
“But within a generation and a half, people have come to think that shopping at the supermarket is how it’s always been.”

She imparts shocking facts such as our grandparents didn’t use plastic bags and toilet paper was recycled newspaper. Imagine that!

“It’s interesting how things can change so quickly,” she adds.

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