I’m Turning My Back On 9-5; So Help Me God

Recently, I announced to the world I was quitting corporate life in the travel industry to follow my dreams.

Today, I put on my travel agency uniform for the last time. It felt surreal. And it was petrifying.

I handed back all but one of my uniforms – I am keeping it just for one year, and you are my witness.

Why? Because just in case things turn pear-shape and, God forbid, I need to sign up for temp work.

If by September 2014 I haven’t had a need for it, the uniform goes. As silly as this sounds, it makes me feel better about my decision to quit my day job.

For the past 12 years, I have studied and worked in the tourism industry. I was lucky enough to travel the world, experience amazing things and make some lifelong friends. While I am going to miss traveling the world cheaply and working in an office environment, I will definitely not miss the huge impact the internet has made that shook up on retail travel agents.

Now this chapter comes to a close.

Soon I turn 30 and I’m so excited to open a whole new chapter, continue to grow as a person, and expand my business and brand.

I have a big vision for Cat Napping Suburban Retreat and I feel I have only given the business 70% commitment over the past 2 years. I cannot help but wonder what I am capable of achieving now that the business  has my 100% commitment.

Tomorrow I turn to a brand new page; no more juggling two careers, no more feeling micro-managed and no more worrying about silly airline rules.

As of tomorrow, I am 100% self-employed.

I will be accountable to myself.

I will motivate me and I will lead me.

God help me!

Ebony Centazzo

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