The Businesswoman’s TLC

The Businesswoman’s TLC

RESCUFilled with some of the most inspirational, passionate and hard-working women in Sydney, the Hilton Ballroom had never smelled so successful. No doubt looking to escape the cold winter chill and in much need of some TLC, I joined these women at the Hilton for the RESCU Me event – a day of seminars and panel discussions by the who’s who of hair-styling, fashion, property investment, nutrition and emotional well-being.

Organised by online advice centre,, RESCU Me offered a lifeline to overworked businesswomen, giving practical tips for all aspects of our lives – health, work and family. Although we were from different parts of the city, worked in different industries and had different values, the common thread that wove through the day-long extravaganza was the overwhelming distance corporate women had come in 30 years.

Bahar Etminan

Women are leading the way, pioneering new innovations and becoming successful entrepreneurs and instead of viewing their stereotypical ‘feminine’ qualities as a hindrance, they use them to their advantage. In the professional world, we can play just as hard as our male counterparts and look damn good doing it.

Receiving sound advice from property heavy-weight John McGrath, Rescu Me instilled the importance of self-belief, continual learning and surrounding yourself with positive, loyal people that will uplift you. Designer Alex Perry lightened the mood, showcasing his spectacular new collection and spilling his secrets on dressing for success and the team from make-up extraordinaire, Bobbi Brown, provided touch-ups and colour recommendations to keep us looking our best.

Although we were graced with some of the most celebrated experts in their field, the most inspirational speaker of the day was RECU’s founder and editor, Bahar Etminan. Talking from the heart, Bahar shared her career journey, the devastating impact the GFC had on her distribution business and the steps that led to its closure. Instead of crawling into a cave of self-pity and misery, Bahar chose to pick herself up and establish RESCU – an online resource centre and newsletter filled with a articles and advice from the biggest names in Australia – Napoleon Perdis, Yasmin Boland, Zoe Bingley-Pullin.

RESCU served as Bahar’s lifeline during one of the toughest financial climates of our generation, and now RESCU continues the favour giving time-poor, but knowledge-rich women the relief they need from their everyday stresses.

Heather Anschau

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