5 Workspace Design Tips To Create A Stylish And Productive Office

5 Workspace Design Tips To Create A Stylish And Productive Office

5 Workspace Design Tips To Create A Stylish And Productive Office

Bec Douros former contestant of The Block Sky High shares her top 5 workspace styling tips.

Bec Douros workspace styling tips
Image: Stephanie Cammarano


I spend at least eight to ten hours a day at my desk, so it needs to be a space that gets my creative juices flowing. There are simple ideas anyone can apply and with a few elevated accessories, you can transform a bland workspace into one that’s full of personality without sacrificing function.

Here are some tips to help you create this space in a functional yet stylish way:

1. Choose a colour scheme

If you are using a nook then the colour scheme should flow through the entire space. But you can decorate it with a defined colour scheme. When picking colours think of what colours motivate you and invoke your creative side, but keep you calm and focused. You don’t want it to be overpowering either.

2. Choose a desk that is practical to your needs

for example if you have a computer, fax, printer, phone and all the other office bits and pieces you will need a large desk that accommodates these items as well as allows you space to work. If you are only using your space for paying bills and general computer use you might be safer to go with a smaller desk. You don’t want to have to put items all over the floor because you don’t have room and it becomes messy.

Via Pinterest
Via Pinterest

3. Choose a couple of light sources

Natural light is always nice so capitalise on that where possible. So place your desk in front of a window or close to one. Depending on the location of your ceiling light shadows may be cast over your workspace so also invest in a desk lamp if need be to reduce eyestrain. Make sure that there is good overhead light as well, so if you work at night time (like me) then you have enough light.

4. Get organised

It is much easier to work in an organised space so include some shelves or a filing cabinet and draws. To keep your desk a little tidier find a pen caddy that matches your colour scheme. I make sure all my files are in one section, pens in another etc. It’s easier to locate items quickly. I also keep all my USB sticks and cords together in a little pencil case so I don’t misplace them.

5. Now for the fun part – decorating!

Make the space your own. Remember to keep with your colour scheme, add some personal touches, for example a photo or two on the wall, a plant, a picture or motivational plaque.
Stick to these tips and you will have a functional and stylish home office in no time at all!

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For more style tips check Bec’s blog, Bec Marks The Spot.


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